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Антиоксикапс с селеном

Pharmacological action

On group accessory of Antioksikaps treats polyvitamins. This drug in the form of capsules is produced, each of which contains 75 mg of ascorbic acid (vitamin C), 15 mg of alpha tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) and 6 mg of a betakaroten (the predecessor of vitamin A). Антиоксикапс represents a complex of vitamins which cause effect of drug.

Properties of vitamin C predetermine Antioksikaps's action directed to regulation of oxidation-reduction processes, ensuring synthesis of collagen. Ascorbic acid exerts direct impact also on metabolism of iron and folic acid, on synthesis of catecholamines and steroid hormones. The vitamin E which is Antioksikaps's part has antioxidant action, protects unsaturated fatty acids in membranes from a lipoperoksidation. Important property of vitamin E is its participation in formation of elastic and collagenic fibers, and also intercellular substance. Content in drug of beta carotene caused immunomodulatory action of Antioksikaps, and also his ability to stimulate a differentiation In - and T lymphocytes, to deprive free radicals of their activity with a low pressure of oxygen.

Indications to use

Antioksikaps's use is reasonable in the following cases:

  • as an additional source of vitamins-antioxidants in complex treatment of inflammatory and erosive and ulcer diseases of digestive tract, diseases of skin, an eye of a liver, burns, freezing injuries, eczematic defeats a century and inertly healing wounds;
  • for increase in body resistance to catarrhal and infectious diseases;
  • for prevention of a vitamin deficiency (hypovitaminosis);
  • for reduction of negative effects of addictions and an adverse ecological situation;
  • at defective and unbalanced food.

Positive reviews about Antioksikaps confirm efficiency of this drug at above-mentioned indications to its use.

Route of administration

The daily dose of Antioksikaps to adults and children is more senior than 14 years with the preventive purpose corresponds to one capsule. Duration of use makes two-three months, repeated courses should be conducted only after consultation of the doctor.

The mode of dosing of Antioksikaps with the medical purpose is set individually by the doctor, proceeding from degree and the nature of expressiveness of a disease, the accounting of need of an organism for vitamins. Administration of drug should be carried out after food, washing down with a necessary amount of water.

Side effects

Reviews of Antioksikapsa confirm possibility of allergic reactions at drug use.


Drug is not appointed at hypersensitivity to Antioksikaps's components. There are no data on efficiency and safety of drug during pregnancy and a lactation.

Additional information

The period of validity of Antioksikaps makes two years. It has to be stored drug at the room temperature in the dry and dark place.

Антиоксикапс with selenium

Антиоксикапс with selenium, in addition to vitamins A, With, E, contains also selenium of barmy 0,2% (15 mg in one capsule). Thanks to this component of Antioksikaps with selenium it is capable to slow down aging processes, to participate in regulation of elasticity of fabrics, to increase activity of factors of nonspecific protection of an organism that in turn interferes with emergence of consecutive infections. Selenium influences activity of enzymes and is an essential part glutathione peroxidases which protects intracellular structures from dangerous actions of oxygen free radicals. Deficit of selenium in an organism is one of indications to Antioksikaps's use with selenium. For the rest this drug is identical to Antioksikaps.

Антиоксикапс with zinc

Антиоксикапс с цинком10 mg of zinc of oxide which causes additional properties of this drug are a part of one capsule of Antioksikaps with zinc. Zinc takes part in formation of bones, and also metabolism of hormones and nucleic acids. Indications and Antioksikaps route of administration with zinc same, as at Antioksikaps.

In reviews of Antioksikapsa some patients speak efficiency of the drugs containing iron and iodine. Антиоксикапс with iron it is involved in process of formation of a myoglobin and hemoglobin, stimulates functions of the hemopoietic bodies. Антиоксикапс with iodine actively influences a metabolism, strengthens dissimilation processes, and also provides a normal morfofunktsionalny condition of a thyroid gland.

Expediency of use and dose of each of the listed drugs is defined by the doctor with specific features and requirements of an organism.

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