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Antirabic vaccine

Антирабическая вакцина в виде водорастворимого порошкаAntirabic vaccine – the medicine inducing development of immunity against a rhabdovirus.

Form of release and structure

The antirabic vaccine is released in the form of lyophilisate for preparation of solution for injections (hydroscopic white porous weight) which 1 ml contains a vaccine for prevention of rage (a specific antigen of a rhabdovirus, a strain of Vnukovo-32) in number of 2,5 ME.

Excipients: sucrose, albumine of the person, gelatin.

In ampoules on 1 ml complete with solvent (water for injections).

Indications to use

The antirabic vaccine, according to the instruction, is applied for:

  • Treatment-and-prophylactic immunization of persons whose work is connected with catching and keeping of neglected animals (at contacts and stings the mad, suspected on rage or unknown animals);
  • Preventive immunization of people with high risk of infection with rage (hunters, veterinarians, huntsmen, workers of slaughters, foresters, taxidermists).


Contraindications for use of drug for the purpose of carrying out treatment-and-prophylactic immunization are absent.

Use of the Antirabic vaccine for preventive immunization is contraindicated at:

  • System allergic reactions to the previous introduction of a vaccine (a Quincke's edema, generalized rash);
  • Chronic diseases in a stage of a decompensation or an aggravation;
  • Acute infectious and noninfectious diseases;
  • Allergic reactions to antibiotics.

Drug cannot be used at pregnancy.

Route of administration and dosage

The antirabic vaccine is entered intramusculary into a deltoid muscle of a shoulder, to children 5 years – in the perednebokovy surface of a hip (an upper part) are younger. In a rump introduction of a vaccine is not allowed.

Schemes and doses of immunization for children and adults do not differ.

Before use contents of an ampoule are dissolved in water for injections of 1 ml. It is impossible to store the dissolved vaccine it is more than 5 minutes.

The scheme of preventive immunization includes:

  • Primary immunization – in the 0, 7 and 30 day on 1 ml;
  • The first revaccination in 1 year – 1 ml once;
  • The subsequent revaccinations spent each 3 years – 1 ml once.

Treatment is not appointed in cases of lack of direct contact with a rabid animal (there is no oslyuneniye and damages of integuments).

Treatment with the Antirabic vaccine, according to the instruction, is begun immediately according to the scheme: in the 0, 3, 7, 14, 30 and 90 day on 1 ml, in cases:

  • Oslyuneniya of the unimpaired integuments;
  • Existence of grazes, single superficial stings or scratches of a trunk and extremities (except the head, the person, a neck, genitalias, a brush, fingers of hands and legs) which are put with farm and domestic animals.

If the animal within 10 days remains healthy, after the third injection treatment is stopped. At impossibility to confirm it, immunization is carried out completely according to the scheme.

The immediate combined treatment consisting of use in 0th day of heterological (horse) antirabic immunoglobulin of 40 ME/kg, homologous (human) antirabic immunoglobulin of 20 ME/kg and the Antirabic vaccine in the 0, 3, 7, 14, 30 and 90 day on 1 ml is required at:

  • Any oslyuneniye of mucous membranes;
  • Any stings of the head, genitalias, necks, persons, brushes, fingers of hands and legs;
  • The multiple and deep single stings of any localization put with farm and domestic animals;
  • Any oslyuneniye and damages put with wild carnivores, rodents and bats.

If at observation of an animal within 10 days it is possible to confirm that it is healthy, treatment is stopped after introduction of the third vaccine.

Side effects

After introduction of a vaccine in the place of a prick the itch, reddening, increase in regional lymph nodes can develop.

In addition to local side effects at use of the Antirabic vaccine development of such symptoms as a headache, an indisposition, weakness is sometimes possible, in some cases there are neurologic disturbances.

Special instructions

After vaccination it is necessary to be within half an hour under medical observation. At development of neurologic complications of the patient it is necessary to hospitalize and carry out urgently symptomatic therapy using the hyposensibilizing and antihistaminic medicines.

Places where carry out inoculations, have to be equipped with means of antishock therapy. Upon termination of an immunotherapy course issue to the patient the reference with the indication of type and series of vaccines, a course of inoculations and the description of postvaccinal reactions.

The antirabic help includes local processing of scratches, grazes and wounds which should be carried out as it is possible in shorter terms, and introduction of the Antirabic vaccine.

Carrying out a course of treatment does not depend on circulation period of the victim for the help which can be even several months later after contact with an animal, unknown, sick or suspicious on rage.

Can result glucocorticosteroids and immunodepressants in inefficiency of vaccinotherapy.

Vaccinated should be informed that throughout all course of inoculations and half a year after its termination the use of any alcoholic drinks is forbidden. Also it is recommended to avoid overcooling, overfatigue and overheating.

Inoculations can be carried out not earlier than in 1 month after recovery (remission) from acute infectious and noninfectious diseases, chronic diseases in a stage of a decompensation or an aggravation.

It is impossible to use the Antirabic vaccine in ampoules with the broken marking and integrity, and also in cases of change of transparency and color, the wrong storage of drug and after the termination of its period of validity. It is necessary to open ampoules and to carry out the procedure of vaccination with observance of rules of an asepsis.


On active agent analogs of the Antirabic vaccine are medicines of Kokav, Rabivak-Vnukovo-32, Rabipur.

Terms and storage conditions

The vaccine is released for treatment and prevention facilities.

Period of validity – 24 months.

Store and transport the Antirabic vaccine at a temperature of 2-8 °C. Within 2 days it is possible to transport and store a medicine at a temperature up to 25 °C.

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