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Anti-walls – the antigipoksantny medicine applied at treatment of heart diseases.

Pharmacological action of Antisten

Антистен – антигипоксантный медикамент, применяемый при лечении сердечных заболеванийThe main active ingredient of tablets Antisten – триметазидин dihydrochloride, directly influences neurons and cardiomyocytes of a brain that allows to optimize their functions and metabolism. Also drug has cytoprotective effect which is caused by activation of oxidizing decarboxylation, increase in energy potential and rationalization of consumption of oxygen.

Antisten's use allows to prevent intracellular exhaustion of adenosinetriphosphate and phosphocreatinine, and also to maintain contractility of a myocardium, in the conditions of acidosis interferes with accumulation of calcium and sodium in cardiomyocytes and influences normalization of intracellular potassium concentration.

Also Antisten's use reduces concentration of the phosphates and intracellular acidosis caused by reperfusion and ischemia of a myocardium, increases duration of electric potential, interferes with ability of free radicals to have the damaging effect, keeps integrity of cellular membranes, prevents activation in a zone of ischemia of neutrophils, reduces a kreatinfosfokinaza exit from cells and expressiveness of ischemic injuries of a myocardium.

According to the instruction Antisten applied at stenocardia reduces the frequency of attacks, and after two weeks of treatment increases tolerance to an exercise stress and reduces differences of arterial pressure. At vascular pathology of eyes it is capable to recover functional activity of a retina.

Release form

According to the instruction Antisten produce in the form of coated tablets 20 mg in container plastic packagings. One tablet of drug contains 20 mg of a trimetazidin of dihydrochloride.

Antisten's analogs

Antisten's analogs on active ingredient are:

  • Angiozil ретард;
  • Vero-Trimetazidin;
  • Deprenorm of MV;
  • Karditrim;
  • Metagard;
  • Predizin;
  • Rimekor;
  • Trimetazid;
  • Trimitard of MV;
  • Prekard;
  • Trimetazidin-Tev;
  • Tridukard.

On the mechanism of action and belonging to one pharmacological group carry medicines to Antisten's analogs:

  • Boyaryshnik-Alkoy;
  • Hawthorn flowers raw materials vegetable;
  • Вазомаг;
  • Valeokor-Q10;
  • Gistokhr;
  • Dinaton;
  • Dibikor;
  • Doppelgerts Kardiovital;
  • Ezafosfina lyophilisate;
  • Idrinol;
  • Inoziye-F;
  • Camphor;
  • Kardionat;
  • Kudesang;
  • Meksikor;
  • Meldony;
  • Mildronate;
  • Sodium adenosinetriphosphate;
  • Neotone lyophilisate;
  • Орокамаг;
  • Pedea;
  • Inosine;
  • Serotonin;
  • Taufon;
  • Ubinon;
  • Firazir;
  • Fosfaden.

Indications to Antisten's use

Антистен выпускают в виде покрытых оболочкой таблеток по 20 мг в контейнерных полимерных упаковкахAnti-walls appoint in complex therapy at prevention of coronary heart disease, dizzinesses of a vascular origin, chorioretinal vascular disorders, and also at kokhleovestibulyarny disturbances of the ischemic nature.

Antisten route of administration

According to the instruction Antisten accept inside during meal on two or three 40 or 60 mg of a tablet twice or three times a day. The course of treatment is defined by the attending physician.


According to the instruction Antisten is contraindicated at hypersensitivity to components of drug, a renal failure, the expressed abnormal liver functions, at pregnancy and in the period of a lactation, and also to children aged up to 18 years.

Side effects

Antisten's use according to reviews causes complications from various systems of an organism, namely:

  • Nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, abdominal pain and dyspepsia (alimentary system);
  • Inflows to face skin and orthostatic hypotension (cardiovascular system);
  • Tremor, headache, rigidity, dizzinesses and akineziya (central nervous system).

Also, according to reviews Antisten can cause an adynamy, rash, urticaria and an itch.

Storage conditions

According to the instruction Antisten it is necessary to store in the unavailable to children and protected from light hit dry place, at the room temperature up to 25 °C. The medicine period of storage at observance of recommendations makes 3 years after which Antisten's use is unsafe.

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