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Арника горнаяArnica – the medicinal plant applied to a bleeding stop at treatment of diseases of cardiovascular system, and also as the outside means promoting acceleration of a rassasyvaniye of hematomas.

Chemical composition

Arnica – a long-term grass from a family of family of Astrov (contains more than 30 types), preferential grows in North America, Canada, Russia and the European countries. The plant is also called a mountain arnica, a gorlyashny grass, Ivanov in color, a mountain bathing suit, a small beard, hare cabbage, a drop cap.

Arnica mountain – the unpretentious plant which is found on edges and in dumetums is famous for medicinal properties. Also have curative properties arnica Sakhalin and arnica meadow – low plants (to 60-80 cm) with a pleasant peculiar smell (have a short cylindrical rhizome, leaves which are shortly trimmed from above, yellow flowers and the narrow trimmed fruits).

Underground parts of arnica mountain contain: tannic components, wax, bitterness, pitches, essential oils, vegetable analogs of hormones, gum.

Contains in inflorescences: arnicin (to 4%), essential oil, tannins (to 5%), Cinorinum, sincaline, karnaubilovy alcohol, zeaxanthin, crystal substance, elecampane oil, sterols, fat oil, vitamin C, sucrose, organic acids.

The substances which are contained in flowers and roots are available also in stalks and leaves, but in smaller quantity.

Usually apply baskets of flowers of plants of the second year of vegetation to treatment (or more). Collecting is begun with the middle of June, at the same time baskets of flowers break without pedicles. At the correct collecting and drying curative properties of arnica remain up to 2 years.

Useful properties

As remedy arnica is applied long since. In modern official medicine the grass is used not really often, though is included in a pharmacopeia of many countries.

Arnica is among plants of which made the first homeopathic medicines, usually with use of its underground parts. In most cases it stretchings, bruises, dislocations medicine, birth trauma. They are appointed at a sleep disorder, cough, quinsy, peeling of a retina of an eye, dryness in a drink, cough with blood, slackness of a stomach, emphysema of lungs, eye retinal apoplexies. Use of arnica in the form of homeopathic medicines reduces duration of the recovery period after operations, and also promotes simplification of a condition of the patient during this period.

In small quantities flowers of arnica speed up work of a brain, in big – suppress. They have anti-convulsive property, suppress reflex irritability of the central nervous system, increase a gleam of the blood vessels feeding a brain. The drugs made of flowers of arnica promote lowering of blood pressure.

Thanks to useful properties of arnica, in traditional medicine the plant is used as astringent at digestion work disturbance, for exile of excess water from an organism, at female diseases, acute respiratory viruses (SARS), an inflammation of bronchial tubes, after concussion and at epilepsy.

At ulcers, abscesses, wounds and rash the struck place is processed aqueous solution of a plant. At joint pains, a lumbago, injuries, gout and a dentagra use lotions.

Spirit tinctures of flowers of arnica are effective as styptic cure for bleedings from a nose or uterine bleedings. In obstetrics and gynecology they are used at an inflammation and disturbance of involution of a uterus after the delivery.

Indications to use

  • Digestive tract diseases;
  • Various bleedings (including caused by a cyst, polyps or other tumors of a uterus and its appendages);
  • The increased nervous irritability;
  • Cardiovascular diseases;
  • Hypertension;
  • Myocarditis;
  • Stenocardia.


  • Individual intolerance;
  • Pregnancy;
  • The increased coagulability of blood.

House drugs from arnica

Use of arnica is effective at inflammations of ovaries, plentiful periods, uterine bleedings, myoma, inflammatory processes in a uterus, fibroma. For this purpose prepare plant infusion: 1 tablespoon of flowers is filled in with 1 glass of boiled water and insisted within 4 hours. Accept on 50 ml to 4 times a day. Such infusion can be applied outwardly in the form of lotions at injuries of joints and extensive bruises. In the first 3 days after getting injured use cold infusions from arnica, afterwards – warm.

For receiving the infusion applied as styptic and cholagogue means, 1 tablespoon of flowers of arnica needs to be placed in the enameled ware, to fill in with 1 glass of boiled water and under the closed cover to weary 15 minutes on the water bath. In an hour infusion is brought boiled water to volume of 200 ml. Accept, parting on milk, on 1 tablespoon three times a day after food.

At various inflammations of an oral cavity and throat (at pharyngitis, quinsy, periodontosis and stomatitis) rinsings are used for what 3 teaspoons of flowers of arnica fill in with 2 glasses of boiled water and insist 2 hours. To effectively carry out procedures to 5 times a day.

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