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The lumbago (lumbago) is an acute pain, the shooting character, in the field of lumbar department of a backbone.

Lumbago symptoms:

Pain at a lumbago can gradually begin, dull ache, within several days or sharply arise will be shown by an acute pain. As a rule, pain limits the movements, does not allow to make the slightest inclinations, turns, even the insignificant movements in a waist cause pain.

Pain can last from several minutes to several months. At this pathology the relative tension and morbidity of muscles in a waist is observed.

Lumbago reasons:

The reason of pains at a lumbago, irritation of a fibrous ring, back and interspinal ligaments of a backbone, and also other sheaves and capsules of joints.

Characteristic sign preceding pains is the hyperlordosis or a smoothness of lumbar department.

The lumbago can be a symptom of serious diseases of a backbone, such as: hernias nuclei pulposi, osteochondrosis, scoliosis and others.

For diagnosis sometimes it is required additional inspections: MRT diagnosis or X-ray analysis.

Lumbago can provoke an attack:

      - temperature drops
      - exercise stresses
      - emotional stress
      - long forced position  of a body
      - injuries and others.

Treatment of the Lumbago:

Treatment of a lumbago is carried out according to the individual program which needs to be observed strictly. In addition to an obligatory bed rest within 7-10 days at a sharp attack appoint the anesthetizing and calming drugs, novocainic blockade. In the period of an aggravation of a lumbago it is necessary to adhere to a certain diet. Products, the detaining waters, that is salty, hot, smoked dishes, it is necessary to exclude. In limited quantity it is possible to use fat fat and meat, and here the maximum benefit will be brought by porridges, vegetable soups, potatoes. At a lumbago doctors of our clinic recommend a course of physiotherapeutic procedures and massage. It helps to remove stress from muscles that facilitates the general condition of the patient. If necessary the doctor can appoint extension of a backbone that unloads with it, or to unload a backbone on specialized exercise machines. As local anesthetic ointments and liquids are used. When acute symptoms of a lumbago are eliminated, to the patient appoint a course of remedial gymnastics, manual therapy. During remission sanatorium treatment is very useful. So, the patient will be done by mud applications, radonic and hydrosulphuric bathtubs good. At strongly expressed pain syndrome appoint boleutolyushchy drugs.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Lumbago:

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