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Neurinoma (shvannoma, shvannoglioma, neurilemoma, neyrinoma, lemmoblastoma, perineural fibroblastoma) — the tumor growing from the schwannian cells forming a myelin cover  of nerves. The term is offered Verokai and is eurysynusic.

Neurinoma are benign tumors, are observed at any age, a thicket at women. The most frequent localization is the acoustical nerve. Can meet on any nerves of a human body.

Neurinoma symptoms:

The clinical picture depends on localization of a neurinoma. At the most often found type — a neurinoma of an acoustical nerve it is shown by gradual decrease in hearing on one ear. Further the narusheiya, tumors more expressed on the party join trunk and cerebellar. These symptoms are caused by a prelum of the relevant departments a neurinoma. Signs of increase in intracranial pressure develop rather late.

At neurinoma of roots of a spinal cord symptoms of irritation and a prelum of a spinal cord develop. At neurinoma of peripheral nerves the clinical picture consists of symptoms of irritation and loss of functions of the corresponding nerves. At typiforms of neurinoma the course of process slow, high-quality.

Neurinoma reasons:

The tumor belongs to quite widespread high-quality new growth of children's age, given tumors make 8% of the educations which initially arose in a head cavity and 20% which developed in a spinal cord.

Treatment of the Neurinoma:

Treatment of a disease preferential surgical, at the large sizes of a tumor, or in those cases when because of its arrangement is not possible to execute technically an operative measure, use radiation therapy.

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