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The nervous system of the person is presented by a head and spinal cord, peripheral nerves and neuroplexes. Peripheral nerves have thin complex structure and easily are affected by harmful factors of an external and internal origin. There are noninflammatory damages of nerves which are called neyropatiya. Neuropathy demands only complex treatment and careful prevention. A necessary link of its treatment and the prevention is sanatorium treatment in health resorts, the specializing diseases of a peripheral nervous system.

The symptomatology of neuropathy is defined by the nature of injury of nerves and their arrangement. Most often it arises at the general diseases, various intoxications, sometimes - owing to various injuries.

The most often found neuropathy forms: diabetic, toxic and posttraumatic.

Neuropathy reasons:

The reasons of this disease are defined proceeding from its forms:
Defeat of nervous branches at a diabetes mellitus is promoted by the increased level of sugar and lipids in blood, and initial defeat thereof the smallest vessels feeding nerve fibrils.
Posttraumatic neuropathy develops as a result of a prelum and disturbance of food of nerve fibrils. Quite often conductivity of a nerve is broken owing to an acute injury, for example, of strong blow which leads to disturbance of integrity of covers of a nerve.

In addition arthritises, a renal and liver failure, a hypothyroidism, tumors and other diseases can make a contribution to development of neuropathy.

Neuropathy symptoms:

Features and clinic of diabetic neuropathy.
The typiform of neuropathy arises at a diabetes mellitus. At diabetes the smallest vessels including those which supply with blood nerve fibrils suffer, first of all. The main distinctive feature of this form of neuropathy is decrease in sensitivity in areas of defeat. Thereof the risk of traumatization and infection of integuments in the field of a disease increases. At diabetes such picture is most typical for the lower extremities.

The most part of patients with the diagnosis of a diabetes mellitus have this or that form of neuropathy:
Peripheral: in this case at damage of the nerves which are responsible for an innervation of upper or lower extremities there is a feeling of numbness or a pricking on side of the affected nerve; patients note disturbance of sensitivity of toes or hands, and also feeling of numbness.
Proximal: disturbance of sensitivity in a shin, hips and buttocks is noted.
Autonomous: activity of digestive organs, urination or generative organs is broken.

The general weakness in muscles also often accompanies any form of diabetic neuropathy. At the same time muscles gradually atrophy, develop disturbances of covers.

Clinic of toxic neyropatiya.
Different intoxications are the reason of this form of a disease. Damage of a nerve can be observed as at infectious diseases (diphtheria, HIV, a herpes infection), and at poisonings with chemicals (alcohol, lead, arsenic), and also at the wrong reception of some drugs.

Alcoholic neuropathy represents the severe damage of a peripheral part of the nervous system which is the most frequent complication of unlimited alcohol intake and its substitutes. Asymptomatic forms of alcoholic neuropathy are found practically in all abusing alcohol.

At the moment it is known, as impact of the most toxic agent on nerve fibril, and disturbance of exchange processes owing to poisoning of an organism promotes development of neuropathy.

More often nerves of extremities suffer. Irrespective of the poisoning reason, neuropathy is shown by disturbance of sensitivity in feet and brushes, emergence of burning sensation and a pricking on skin, a dermahemia of extremities. Also at later stages of a disease puffiness of tissues of the lower extremities can appear. This disease has the long current demanding preventive measures, in particular, of sanatorium treatment.

Clinic of posttraumatic neuropathy.
Their prelum as a result of changes, hypostasis of fabrics, the wrong formation of posttraumatic hems, and other new growths is the reason of posttraumatic defeat of nerve fibrils. More frequent forms of this disease is damage of an elbow, sciatic and beam nerve. At the same time the atrophy of muscles, disturbance of their sokratitelny ability and decrease in reflexes develops. Also decrease in sensitivity to painful irritants is noted.

Алкогольная нейропатия

Alcoholic neuropathy

Treatment of neuropathy:

Treatment of this disease is selected individually and depends on degree, a look and a cause of infringement of conductivity of nerve fibrils. All actions have to be directed to recovery of function of a nerve.

At toxic defeat it is necessary to stop toxic influence (to cancel medicine, to exclude reception of toxic agents). Treatment of a diabetic form of a disease comes down, first of all, to maintenance of normal level of sugar of blood. At posttraumatic defeats of nerve fibrils it is necessary in the optimum way to get rid of effects of the injuring factor.

Irrespective of a disease form, to the patient the anesthetizing drugs, special groups of vitamins, other drugs improving exchange processes and stimulating regeneration are appointed. Later treatment is on doctor's orders carried out physiotherapeutic.

Prevention of neyropatiya has an important role. It comes down to normalization of exchange processes, timely treatment of general and infectious diseases, and also timely stimulation of muscles is important during orthopedic treatment.

Considering that this disease often passes into a chronic form, it is necessary to take all measures for prevention of an aggravation. For this purpose patients with neuropathy go for sanatorium treatment. In sanatoria the following procedures are applied to treatment of neuropathy:
LFK and massage with methods of acupuncture;
Laser therapy;

During sanatorium treatment by the patient the dietotherapy with the rich content of vitamins of groups B, C and E is also recommended. At the same time it is necessary to remember that only diseases in a remission stage at chronic process are subject to treatment in sanatoria.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Neuropathy:

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