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Radiculitis — the most widespread disease of a peripheral nervous system at which the bunches of nerve fibrils departing from a spinal cord — so-called roots of a spinal cord are surprised.

Radiculitis symptoms:

Displays of radiculitis — pain on the course of the struck nervous roots and the nerves formed of them, sensitivity disturbance, sometimes motive frustration are most characteristic. Usually the disease develops sharply, but in many cases passes into a chronic form with periodic aggravations. Depending on the place of defeat of nerve fibrils allocate various forms of radiculitis. Lumbosacral radiculitis at which pains are localized in lumbosacral area, a buttock with return in a hip, a shin, foot is most widespread. Pain amplifies at the movement therefore the patient avoids sharp movements. In the patient's bed to reduce pain, usually bends a leg.

Lumbosacral radiculitis with dominance of defeat of roots of sacral department from which the sciatic nerve forms is called a sciatica. At a sciatica pain extends on the course of a sciatic nerve (in a buttock, the posteroexternal surface of a hip and shin, a heel); is followed by feelings of a cold snap of a leg, numbness of skin, "crawling of goosebumps".

At cervicobrachial radiculitis pain is noted in a nape, a shoulder, a shovel, amplifies at turn of the head, the movement by a hand, cough. In hard cases numbness, burning and a pricking in hand skin is felt; sensitivity is broken. Chest radiculitis meets quite seldom and is shown by the pains in intercostal spaces amplifying at the movement.

Radiculitis reasons:

The most frequent reason of radiculitis — the backbone disease (osteochondrosis) at which intervertebral cartilaginous disks lose elasticity and is squeezed by roots. In junctions of vertebrae with the changed disks salts are laid. Formed thereof ledges at an exercise stress put pressure upon nervous roots and cause pains. The sharp movements (turn of a trunk, head), spasms of muscles of a back at an injury, overcooling of a body, intoxication can cause the same phenomenon.

Treatment of Radiculitis:

Treatment is carried out by the doctor; it is directed generally to elimination of the reasons of radiculitis.
Along with anesthetics widely apply physiotherapeutic procedures, remedial gymnastics, extension of a backbone. Independent use of thermal procedures and anesthetics inadmissibly as back pains can be caused not only by radiculitis, but also other diseases at which use of heat is contraindicated. When using folk remedies it needs to be considered. The disease recovers difficult, and most often the person should adapt to it. At exacerbations of radiculitis the bed rest is recommended.

From house means during this period it is necessary to use the medicinal plants having generally soothing effect. From the remedies applied at radiculitis, a considerable part is presented by ointments and grindings. Therefore it is important to be able to perform this medical procedure correctly. Hands carrying out grinding have to be warm. On one hand to pour or put means for grinding or ointment. To begin to stroke carefully a sore point up within 10 — 20 min., at severe pains — 5 min. To monitor existence on a hand of the rubbed weight not to run over sore points a dry hand. At absence on a hand of ointment to take a new portion. After the procedure the sore point needs warmly to wrap up and try be not to chilled.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Radiculitis:

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