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Back of a bifid (spina bifida)


Spina bifida (spin of a bifid) - the malformation of a nervous system which is shown after the birth, most often complicated by medullispinal hernia.  

Symptoms of Spin of a bifid (spina bifida):

Splitting of a backbone arises when the fruit grows in mother's womb, and his backbone develops incorrectly, there is a defect of a neurotubule. Some of vertebrae are not closed, and do not form an anatomic form of a ring around a spinal cord.
Splitting of a backbone as cystica - a meningocele: rather big opening because of what some of covers, surrounding a spinal cord, stick out through an opening.
Splitting of a backbone as cystica - a myelomeningocele: the most dangerous look at which a part of brain fabric sticks out through an opening in a backbone.
Weight of symptoms will depend on backbone crevice type. The children born with a backbone crevice can have and other frustration of a nervous system, such as hydrocephaly or Kiari's malformation.

Спинно-мозговая грыжа при spina bifida

Medullispinal hernia at spina bifida

Reasons of Spin of a bifid (spina bifida):

At 95% of the children born with a backbone crevice have no hereditary nature of a disease. However, if at the woman children with spina bifida were born in the previous pregnancies, the risk of repetition of this pathology in the subsequent pregnancies considerably increases.
Deficit of folic acid in an organism of mother is also connected with development of a crevice of a backbone in the child. To reduce probability of emergence of spina bifida pregnant it is necessary to use the products containing folic acid, and also its drugs. In the research published in 2002 found out that in the United States 24% less cases of a crevice of a backbone in 1996-2001, than in previous years are registered.


Screening - the blood test, the called test for alphafetoprotein (AFP), is carried out on 15-17 week of pregnancy. If results are abnormal, it is necessary to execute additional researches for a backbone crevice exception. The ultrasonography research can become such method. Amniocentesis (an intake of amniotic liquid in mother's womb) can be made to recheck the AFP level or for other analyses.

Treatment of Spin of a bifid (spina bifida):

There is no full treatment of such pathology as spina bifida (a backbone crevice). Defect in a backbone can be closed in the surgical way, and it will lead to decrease in its impact on an organism.
As the crevice of a backbone causes injury of a spinal cord, treatment consists in correction of symptoms which are observed at the child, for example, of difficulty when standing and when walking, or an urination. Some people will be able to go with crutches or fixers, and another, perhaps, the wheelchair will be required to move. Children and adults with a myelomeningocele will have further different  complications.  
The forecast for children with a backbone crevice sharply changed for these years. The research published in 2001 was shown that at the appropriate medical care, at least, 75% of the children born with the most severe form of a crevice of a backbone (myelomeningocele) survive in most cases at adequate treatment. Authors of a research note that providing a maintenance therapy for these adults is a complex challenge.

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