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Nephrosclerosis — consolidation and wrinkling of kidneys owing to death of nephrons and growth in them connecting fabric.

Nephrosclerosis symptoms:

At the expressed clinical picture of a nephrosclerosis it is shown by a persistent high hypertension (250/130 — 300/140), severe headaches, a vision disorder, attacks of stenocardia and cardiac asthma. Urine of low specific weight with a small proteinuria, in draft — a moderate hamaturia and a cylindruria. In blood — anemia, an azotemia.

Диабетический нефросклероз (макропрепарат)

Diabetic nephrosclerosis (macrodrug)

Nephrosclerosis reasons:

Distinguish the vascular nephrosclerosis arising initially (initially contracted kidney) as a result of an arteriostenosis or arterioles of kidneys and disturbance of renal blood circulation at a hypertension, a hypertension because of an arteriolosclerosis and atherosclerosis, and nephrosclerosis, developing owing to inflammatory and dystrophic processes in kidneys (for the second time a contracted kidney) as an outcome of nephrite, a nephritic syndrome and other diseases of kidneys.

Treatment of the Nephrosclerosis:

Hospitalization. Food with salt restriction. Use of hypothiazid on 25 — 50 mg a day, Reserpinum on 0,25 mg 3 times a day or Isobarinum on 25 mg of 1 — 2 time a day and ganglioblokiruyushchy means is shown (on doctor's orders), without allowing a sharp  lowering of arterial pressure.

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