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The akathisia — a syndrome of restlessness and concern at which the person feels urgent, painful need to move and therefore cannot accept a static pose for more or less long time.

This psychomotor pathology by a set of motive and touch frustration, each of which of adequately separate consideration is shown.

Akathisia symptoms:

The akathisia includes two components,  one of which is a leader, and the second is expressed less considerably.

The first component — touch or cognitive. These are the unpleasant internal feelings inducing the patient to perform any operations. These are always realized, sometimes under control feelings.

The touch component not always by clear internal feeling of alarm, tension, labile mood, irritability or clear somatic complaints — onychalgias, a waist is shown.

The second component — motive. It the movements — repeating  standard (of course, standard individually for each patient). One patients are forced to go constantly, others hop on site, the third shake a trunk, fidget on a chair, knock extremities, scratch, brush the hair with a hand, finger a nose and ears, make some actions with the next objects or clothes.

Quite often at the first moment of the motive act patients scream or make the lowing sound. As soon as the peak of amplitude of the movement falls down, vocalization disappears again to arise at the beginning of the next motive stereotype.

Akathisia reasons:

Pathogenetic origins of an akathisia are not known.  It is considered that the source of this state is covered in disturbance of innervatsionny ways of a cerebral cortex and limbic system.

From positions of experimental and evidential medicine there are data that this state can be connected with the changed sensitivity of many receptors, including in noradrenergichesky, dofaminergichesky systems, and also in subcortical structures of a brain.

This state is typical for the patients accepting antipsychotic drugs, antidepressants of various groups, antiemetic, psychostimulants. This syndrome in a condition of abstinence at alcohol, opiate, benzodiazepine addiction develops.  Quite often pathology arises against the background of a zhelezodefitsit, Parkinson's disease, at a poisoning with carbon monoxide.

Treatment of the Akathisia:

Treatment consists in drug withdrawal, caused an akathisia, and also in adequate therapy of the available frustration and complaints. Drugs are selected  carefully, taking into account the anamnesis and data on the means applied earlier and reaction to them.

Nootropa, benzodiazepines, beta-blockers, alpha адреномиметики are shown, to N cholinomimetics, opiates. Vitamin therapy is appointed, treatment of a zhelezodefitsit is obligatory. The remedial gymnastics, massage, electroconvulsive therapy enter a range of medical assistance too.

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