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Incontience a calla (энкопрез) - loss of control over defecation, consisting in inability of a sphincter of an anus to hold kcal.

Enkoprez's reasons:

The proctal incontience can result from damages or diseases of a spinal cord, inborn diseases, injuries of a rectum and an anus. Disturbance of this function of a rectum is promoted by senile age, extensive inflammatory processes, tumors, damages at the time of delivery and operations, especially concerning cracks.

Несостоятельность сфинктеров может стать причиной энкопреза.

Insolvency of sphincters can become the reason of an enkoprez.

Enkoprez's symptoms:

The main symptom of a proctal incontience is inability to hold kcal. At patients with inflammatory and tumoral defeats of a sphincter of an anus along with an incontience pains in an anus, bloody allocations and other manifestations of a basic disease are characteristic. Objective inspection consists in assessment of function of a sphincter of an anus. Assessment is made or on the basis of a rectum research a finger, or by means of a proctal manometriya.
At an incontience the differential diagnosis is carried out with diseases at which the rectum sphincter is surprised (tumors of anorectal area, a rectum crack, paraproctites, etc.).

Enkoprez's treatment:

Treatment consists in development of the program of management of function of intestines by means of which it is necessary to teach the patient of planned defecation the Program includes adequate consumption of liquid and regular food It is also necessary to use candles with glycerin or bisacodyl, and also enemas. If regular defecation does not develop, apply a diet with low with a cellulose continence (besshlakovy) for the purpose of reduction of frequency of defecations. It can be effective имодиум as it improves function of a sphincter. It is necessary to try to train the patient to increase an animal force of sphincters at the expense of gluteuses. Surgical methods of treatment are based on plastics of an artificial sphincter of a gut from m. gluteus or t. gracilis. The multicenter research of a functional state is artificial го a sphincter at patients with a heavy fecal incontience showed that at 6691 patients in 24 months results of treatment are estimated as good. Forecast in most cases favorable.

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