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The mucocele (mucous cyst) represents a painless, thin-walled bubble of adnexal nasal cavities, on the internal surface of lips. Contains transparent liquid.

Mucocele reasons:

Mucous cysts, or mucocele, are very widespread. It is considered that they can be formed as a result of biting or other injury mucous lips about teeth. In this case the reason the drift of mucous cells in surrounding soft tissues is considered. One more mechanism of formation of a mucocele the injury of sialadens, especially – small is considered.  
In itself painless, they prevent chewing and are constantly injured by teeth. The cyst is called ranuly if it is formed in a mouth floor, and is called эпулис if it is formed on gingivas. The mucous cyst can be created around the piercing inserted into lips or language.

Mucocele symptoms:

The thin-walled, filled with transparent liquid bubble on the lip interior. A bubble bluish because of covering it mucous. The cyst is painless, but brings inconvenience to the patient. Mucous cysts have no complications. The assumption of regeneration in malignant cysts still did not find powerful confirmation.

Мукоцеле слизистой оболочки рта

Mucocele of a mucous membrane of a mouth

Мукоцеле правого решетчатого лабиринта

Mucocele of the right trellised labyrinth

Treatment of a mucocele:

If a mucocele not to treat, very often the cyst is broken off spontaneously. There are methods of opening and emptying of a cyst in the conditions of a medical office. But at the same time the risk of a recurrence of a mucocele is high. The most reliable surgical removal of all cyst with seams from an oral cavity is considered. The postoperative wound quickly heals.

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