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This painful aggravated sense of smell which can appear at pregnancy and some other states.

Hyperosmia reasons:

It can be observed at the persons having hysteria, a neurasthenia, mental zaboyolevaniye, sometimes at pregnant women. The hyperosmia meets at a multiple sclerosis and tumors of a brain, migraine, a diffusion toxic craw, the postponed infectious diseases.

Hyperosmia symptoms:

On the first place symptoms of a disease which is followed by a hyperosmia are worth it. Patients feel various smells same, as well as healthy people, but more intensive, and also catch slight smells which are not caught by healthy people.

Treatment of a hyperosmia:

The basis of treatment of this disease consists in a hyperesthesia reason exception. It is necessary to cure a diffusion toxic craw, a nervous or mental disease which served as the reason of development of a hyperosmia. Fortifying therapy is carried out by vitamins of group C and B, an aloe, a vitreous. Endonasal blockade are effective.

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