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Ectropion of a century


Under an ectropion century (synonym: ectropion) understand a state at which owing to any pathological changes the edge of a century is wrapped, baring a cornea.

Symptoms of the Ectropion of a century:

The edge of a century lags behind an eye or will turn off down owing to what the mucous membrane is twisted outside. It gradually dries and increases in sizes. Together with a century the lacrimal opening departs from an eye that leads to dacryagogue and maceration of skin. As a result of a nesmykaniye of a palpebral fissure the keratitis with the subsequent opacification of a cornea can develop.

Reasons of the Ectropion of a century:

The cicatricial ectropion is formed owing to tightening of skin a century after wounds, burns, a system lupus erythematosus and other pathological processes. The spastic ectropion results from reduction of an orbital part of a circular muscle of an eye. A senile ectropion — a consequence of weakness of this muscle. The paralytic ectropion happens only on a lower eyelid and arises at paralysis of a facial nerve.

Treatment of the Ectropion of a century:

At a spastic ectropion — the therapy directed to elimination of its reason. At other types of an ectropion a century operation is shown. The forecast concerning sight favorable. Cosmetic defect and recovery of a slezootvedeniye depend on a look and degree of an ectropion, and also timeliness and correctness of operation.