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Ksantelazma is a state at which under skin cholesterol crystals are localized. Usually fatty deposits are observed on centuries and skin around them. Ksantelazma represents a spot of yellow color, soft to the touch. These educations are painless, do not do serious harm and can be freely removed. Adults are more inclined to education ксантелазм in comparison with children.

Ksantelazma symptoms:

At a ksantolazma the patient has no pain or an itch. This disease does not pose any threat in respect of an ozlokachestvleniye. After a while to a ksantelazma can increase in sizes, however its regression is quite often observed. Sometimes, at the big sizes of a ksantoplazma, the person feels discomfort when closing an eye. Sometimes, because of weakness or paralysis of muscles the upper eyelid droops.

Ксантелазма в области века

Ksantelazma in the field of a century

Ksantelazma reasons:

Ksantelazma develops in case of disturbance of lipidic exchange in an organism. Ksantelazma – quite widespread pathology at the excess level of lipids in blood. The hereditary factor at development is also defined to a ksantelazma.

Treatment of a ksantelazma:

In certain cases the ksantelazma disappears without any drugs or treatment.
For dissolution of fat liquid nitrogen is used. If the etiology is connected with increase in level of cholesterol, the doctor can recommend to the patient a diet with the low content of fats.
Thus, at an initial stage it is necessary to avoid fat products for decrease in level of cholesterol.
At a diet neeefektivnost apply medicines to treatment of a hypercholesterolemia.
In certain cases for removal of a spot laser therapy can be used. Laser therapy can cause side effects, for example, pigmentation in a defeat zone.

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