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The maculitis is a defeat of the central area of a retina which is called makuly (macula lutea). McCool it is located opposite to a pupil and provides the most acute eyesight. The retina of an eye represents an internal cover of an eyeglobe which adjoins to a choroid of an eyeglobe or a horioidea.

Строение глаза

Eye structure

Maculitis reasons:

The maculitis can be caused by a chorioretinitis – an inflammation of back department of a vascular path of an eye and retina. The cause of illness is a penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into an eyeglobe as a result of the general infectious diseases (flu, pneumonia, etc.), tuberculosis, syphilis, toxoplasmosis, eye injuries.

Maculitis symptoms:

The Miopichesky maculitis (a chorioretinitis central miopicheskiya) occurs at patients with high degree of short-sightedness.  Stretching of a back part of an eyeglobe results in fragility of vessels of a retina therefore there are hemorrhages in the field of a makula. Hemorrhages very slowly resolve. On a yellow body the black pigmental center (Fuchs's spot) which can consist of certain sites is formed or to be continuous.

The central serous horioretinopatiya can be also meant by a maculitis. This disease arises owing to microscopic damage to a pigmented layer of a retina. Liquid from a choroid of an eye gets through a gap under a retina where accumulates, forming "blister". It leads to partial amotio of a retina. Symptoms of a disease include a blind spot in a sight midfield, sight distortion (straight lines are perceived as bent), indistinct central sight.

The central serous horioretinopatiya meets at men age of 25-50 years more often. It is considered that the disease can be provoked by a stressful situation or a heavy exercise stress. The central serous horioretinopatiya usually passes independently, but after a while can recur. In most cases, after treatment sight is recovered.

Treatment of a maculitis:

Treatment of the maculitis caused by infection of a retina and a choroid of an eye is carried out in an eye hospital. For destruction of infestants use antibiotics which are entered in the form of injections into eye tissues. Besides, apply physical therapy – an electrophoresis, magnetotherapy, ultrasonic therapy. Also the general treatment of antiinflammatory and antiallergic property is used.

The central serous horioretinopatiya usually does not demand special treatment. Liquid under a retina gradually resolves within several months. For acceleration of this process the doctor can appoint special eye drops. But if treatment does not come in 3-4 months, carry out laser coagulation of a retina. This procedure allows to close a microscopic gap through which liquid filters.

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