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Paratrachoma - infectious defeat of a conjunctiva of an eye.

Paratrachoma reasons:

The activator - an atypical virus from the PLT group (a psittacosis - venereal lymphogranuloma - trachoma). The virus on the properties is similar to the causative agent of trachoma; their identification is possible only at an experimental infection at monkeys. A source of an infection is the person at whom the conjunctiva or a mucous membrane of an urinogenital path is struck. The activator can be brought in an eye of the healthy person by badly washed up hands (conjunctivitis with inclusions at adults and children), through the infected water (pool or bathing conjunctivitis) or gets into the child's eyes at the time of delivery (бленнорея newborns with inclusions).

Paratrachoma symptoms:

Proceeds in the form of conjunctivitis with inclusions at adults and at children, in the form of pool or bathing conjunctivitis and a blennorea, newborns with inclusions. The paratrachoma begins sharply: appear the century, a sharp hyperemia and infiltration of a conjunctiva, follicles, the expressed papillary hyperplasia swelled. Separated at first insignificant, mucous, then purulent. The regional parotid adenopathy develops. Changes of a cornea (a superficial avaskulyarny keratitis) are possible. At newborns quite often the paratrachoma proceeds in the form of acute papillary conjunctivitis with plentiful mucopurulent separated or filmy conjunctivitis. The paratrachoma should be differentiated from other conjunctivitis.

The paratrachoma differs from trachoma in the fact that at it one eye is surprised more often, the regional adenopathy is observed, there are no pannus of a cornea and hems of a conjunctiva, disease short.

Treatment of a paratrachoma:

At plentiful separated eyes wash out solutions of oxymercuric cyanide (1:5000), potassium permanganate (1:5000), Furacilin (1:5000), Rivanolum (1:5000). In a conjunctival sac install 1% solution of tetracycline, 1% solution of erythromycin, 1% solution of Oletetrinum, 0,25% solution of levomycetinum, 30% solution of Sulfacylum-natrium, 20% solution Sulfapyridazinum sodium. Locally apply 1% of ointment: tetracycline, erythromycin or Oletetrinum, ditetramitsin, eubetal. In process of subsiding of the inflammatory phenomena number of applications reduce to 3, and then up to 2 times a day. Unlike trachoma treatment is carried out within a month. When subsiding the inflammatory phenomena it is possible to add instillation of 0,5% of an emulsion of a hydrocortisone and 0,3% of solution of Prednisolonum. General duration of a course of treatment of 1 - 1,5 month. At the heavy course of process topical treatment is combined with intake of streptocides (Etazolum, Sulfadimezinum, Sulfapyridazinum sodium) and antibiotics (tetracycline, Oletetrinum, doxycycline or таривид *) a broad spectrum of activity. The general treatment is carried out by 7-10 days.

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