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Conjunctiva pempigus


Conjunctiva pempigus - a serious chronic illness of eyes; meets seldom. Treats group of mukokutanno-ocular diseases.

Conjunctiva Pempigus symptoms:

Distinguish 4 kinds of a pempigus: vulgar, vegetans, leaflike and seborrheal. For all forms of a pempigus formation of bubbles on skin and mucous membranes is characteristic. The disease affects both eyes more often. The century, transitional folds and an eyeglobe begins with emergence of bubbles on a hyperemic conjunctiva of a cartilage. Bubbles are easily opened, the naked surface becomes covered by a white-grayish plaque, bleeding is noted. Erosion gradually cicatrize that leads to wrinkling of a conjunctiva which turns into muddy pale fabric. Torsion a century and a trichiasis develops. On a cornea superficial ulcerations also appear. It becomes muddy and dry. In hard cases there can be a full symblepharon (see). The rash of bubbles on a mucous membrane is preceded by a prodromal stage in the form of acute or subacute conjunctivitis with viscous mucopurulent separated. At a pempigus of a conjunctiva the wavy current is characteristic: the periods of a rash of bubbles alternate with remissions. Sometimes at formation of ulcers on a conjunctiva and a cornea the scarring phenomena are observed, but it is not typical for a true pempigus. The eye pempigus is seldom limited to defeat only of a conjunctiva, more often it is combined with a rash of bubbles on skin a century and other sites of the person, trunk and extremities.

Conjunctiva Pempigus reasons:

The etiology is finally not found out. The disease is connected with infection with the filtered virus. Also changes in the central nervous system, sympathetic gangliya, exchange disturbances, endocrine frustration matter.

Treatment of the Pempigus of a conjunctiva:

Corticosteroids — inside, vnutrimviiyechno, locally. A dosage at purpose of a cortisone inside: the 1st day — 0,05 — 0,1 g 3 times a day, the 2nd day — 0,1 g 2 times a day, from the 3rd day and before effect — 0,1 g of 1 time a day, then reduce a dose to 0,075 — 0,05 g a day; in total on a course of treatment of 3 — 4 g. At intramuscular introduction of a cortisone the daily dose (25 — 100 mg) is entered in one step. Appoint  in the form of installations 0,5 — 1% an emulsion of a cortisone, 0,5 — 2,5% an emulsion of a hydrocortisone of 4 — 5 times a day. Inside apply also Prednisonum on, 02-0,04 g a day during 2 — 3 weeks; Prednisolonum on 0,005 — 0,01 g 3 - 4 times a day, gradually reduce a daily dose to 0,005 — 0,01 g; dexamethasone on 0,003 g a day, a maintenance dose of 0,0005 — 0,001 g a day.

Inside — streptocides (Sulfadimezinum on 0,5 g 3 times a day; Sulfapyridazinum on 0,5 g 2 — 4 tablets at once in the first day and on 1 — 2 tablets once a day in the next days treatments) and antibiotics (biomycin on 100 000 — 200 000 PIECES, Oxytetracyclinum on 100 000 — 250 000 PIECES of 3 — 6 times a day). Antibiotics in the form of oculentums (1% of tetracycline, 1% oxytetracycline 2 — 4 once a day, 1% dibiomitsinovy once a day). 0,01% citral solution, Riboflavinum solution (0,002 g of Riboflavinum in 10 ml of 2% of solution of glucose), 0,5% tiaminovy ointment, a liquid paraffin, fish oil, 2,5% chloride sodium solution are locally also shown.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Pempigus of a conjunctiva:

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