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Moll's cyst


Moll's cysts - disturbance of activity of sweat eye gland.

Symptoms of a cyst of Moll:

Moll's cyst has a bubble appearance. By closer  consideration it is possible to see that in a bubble there is a transparent liquid. These bubbles on centuries after a while independently burst and disappear. However there passes time, and they appear again. Cysts of sweat glands are painless.

Киста Молля

Moll's cyst

Treatment of a cyst of Moll:

As a rule, Moll's cyst does not need treatment as bubbles burst independently. Sometimes oculists appoint the warm warming compresses. Such compresses are put on eyelids for about five-seven minutes. After a compress it is possible to pomassazhirovat eyelids in eyelashes.
Surgical treatment is in rare instances applied. The doctor the oculist carries out a cyst wall puncture.

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