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Pannus (Latin pannus a rag, a piece of fabric) — the diffusion opacification of blankets of a cornea from a limb caused by transition of inflammatory process from a conjunctiva; it is characterized by growing into a cornea of superficial vessels.

Pannus reasons:

Most often meets at trachoma, arises also at a tubercular and allergic keratitis, it is preferential at children. Unlike a tracheomatous pannus which is localized in an upper part of a cornea tubercular can be located in any its department.

Pannus symptoms:

Depending on degree of manifestation of infiltration and vascularization distinguish a thin, vascular and fleshy pannus. Clinically it is shown by decrease in visual acuity, dacryagogue, a photophobia. After elimination of the inflammatory phenomena signs of irritation disappear, but opacification of a cornea remains. Such pannus call cicatricial.

Distinguish a pannus on the basis of biomicroscopic examination. The differential diagnosis is carried out with some dystrophic processes in a cornea reminding a pannus. Such pseudo-pannus arises usually on the gone blind eyes (for example, at glaucoma, retina amotio), after thermal or chemical damages.

Паннус при хламидиозе

Pannus at clamidiosis

Treatment of a pannus:

Treatment is directed to a basic disease. Apply a lazerterapiya, proteolytic enzymes to elimination of pathological vascularization, in some cases — a keratoplasty.

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