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Angedoniya (Greek ἀν-— a negative prefix and  — pleasure) — inability to pleasant health, feeling of content, loss of interest in all spheres of activity which usually bring pleasure. In other words — lack of pleasure from life, impossibility or difficulty in its receiving, especially at the psychological level.

Angedoniya reasons:

Angedoniya — an abnormal condition of mentality. Usually meets at mental disorders, such as a depression, alarm, schizophrenia, depersonalization and some other frustration of the personality. At each frustration the angedoniya has the characteristics.

Angedoniya symptoms:

If the general depression and sharp decrease in vital activity is characteristic of a depression, then the majority of "angedonik" are inclined to pull a cart not only the, but also others cares and problems. Potential "angedonik" are honest, responsible and conscientious people. They shoulder responsibility for others and quite often accuse only themselves of collective or public failures. Constant feeling of disappointment itself "fills" them with pessimism and reduces an emotional background, disconnecting so-called "pleasure centers" in a head brain. And without it the person is not capable to feel joy from pleasant feelings and experiences. Generally, all this chaotic business is also called an angedoniya - inability to feel joy.
In Ancient Greece there were philosophical schools of "hedonists" and "epicureans" which proclaimed pleasure and pleasure the highest blessing and the main criterion of behavior of the person. But in life so does not happen. And the feeling of joy and happiness is rather subjective: it depends on amount of the emotional dopes emitted by a brain - endorphines. But, despite all subjectivity of this process, the person suffers, without feeling joy. And at deficit of own endorphines it is inclined to compensate for their deficiency by means of drugs (nicotine, alcohol, opium, etc.). Though there are also safer means - about them below.
Psychologists use the term "gedon" (joy unit) equivalent to a certain amount of endorphine. The quantity of the gedon received by us in a day is estimated on a special scale from 14 points. On the one hand: enthusiasm, fun, elation, hobby, satisfaction from a hobby, communication, interesting meetings, progress and achievements, gifts, and also ability to empathy (at an angedoniya it decreases). With another: boredom, apathy, pessimism, bad mood.
It is proved that the person has to receive a third of gedon in the life to 14-year age. A third more - after 60. The rest of happiness gets on the main "working" age from 14 to 60. (And it is correct, there is nothing "to go bananas" especially at this time, it is necessary to provide joy of children and old men! - bus)
It is possible to check itself for an angedoniya independently. You live in harmony with yourself? You manage to see good even in bad? You are capable to dream, being adjusted on something the best in the future? Whether you wake up in the morning with hope that today will be more successful yesterday's? Whether are sure that the dark strip will surely end and soon there will come light? If you in the affirmative answered these questions, the angedoniya does not threaten you. Otherwise it is worth thinking, especially, if you look for dirty tricks everywhere, suspiciously you treat words and acts of the people surrounding you, you give a hostile reception to any news, on light you are skeptical about everything.
The main recipe of treatment of an angedoniya - to learn to see joyful notes in trifles: solar patches of light, the falling snow, bird's hubbub on morning, a titmouse on a window sill, etc. And the most effective medicine - to remember the childhood or youth: to visit the yard where grew; to walk the park in which got acquainted with the person dear to you; to come into school where you were accepted in pioneers (or excluded from them). Having felt the joyful pressing notes, stop for a minute, listen to yourself, concentrate on beheld, remember how it was once. Then make several slow deep breaths and say about yourself: "I have a right for reminiscence of this joyful moment!". By the way, in life it is possible to find pleasure and in work, and a family, but just in case it is worth having a hobby: music, painting, sport, collecting or at least board games.

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