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Hypomania – the mental state which is characterized by elation, high spirits, a superactivity which actually do not correspond to real situations and circumstances of human life.

Hypomania symptoms:

At a hypomania the increased enthusiasm, unjustified self-confidence in the forces, high self-esteem, feeling of own power can be observed. The hypomaniacal state can alternate with apathy and even a depression, especially in that case when the hypomaniacal person faces a series of the failures undermining his elation. At the same time unlike a mania the hypomania is not followed by full loss of limits of reality and critical evaluation of the events therefore conditions of apathy and a depression are short-term and not so acute, as at maniac-depressive psychosis. In general the hypomania represents the softened, softer form of a mania.

The hypomania is characterized by the same manifestation of protection and imaginations which take place at a mania. Among its protective mechanisms the most efficient are idealization of own personality, other people, vital circumstances, and also denial of all negative that is connected with the person and his activity. Among hypomaniacal imaginations imaginations of omnipotence, irresistibility of own person prevail. However forms of manifestation of such protection and imaginations at a hypomania do not differ in all-consuming character and not so unilaterally influence thinking and behavior of the person as it takes place at a mania.

Hypomania reasons:

As a rule, the hypomania belongs to a morbid mental condition of the person. At the same time some share of a gipomaniakalnost occurs also at mentally healthy people differing in the increased working capacity and productivity.

Treatment of a hypomania:

Treatment of a basic disease is carried out. For correction of mood mood stabilizers (valproky, Depakinum, etc.) and neuroleptics of sedative action are appointed.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Hypomania:

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    Antiepileptic means.

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