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Frigidity (sexual coldness) - total absence or decrease at the woman of sexual desire, specific sexual feelings and an orgasm. In certain cases frigidity can be followed by burdensome feelings or disgust for sexual intercourse.

Frigidity symptoms:

Depending on the reasons which cause lack of sexual desire allocate several forms of female frigidity.

Retardatsionny female frigidity. This form of frigidity is temporary, is connected often with delay of development of sexual feeling. Not all women equally endure an orgasm, at one ability to an orgasm develops since early years, others feel it only at mature age.

Symptomatic female frigidity. It is also temporary loss of sexual desire and orgasm. Display of some disease becomes the reason often. Such form of female frigidity is curable if to remove the cause of its emergence.

Psychogenic frigidity and anorgazmiya at women. Some mental factors slow down women's sexual development.

Constitutional frigidity. Physiologically the woman is completely healthy, has no psychological frustration and deviations, but sexual reactions at her completely are absent. Sexologists consider this state inborn, and the reason is still not clear. Opinions of doctors in this question are contradictory: one consider that such form of frigidity is inherent in women with the hidden nonconventional orientation. Others consider that this form quite of a lechim, the main thing is correct to pick up treatment.

Frigidity reasons:

Usually there is a combination of several factors (somatic, mental and microsocial). Quite often frigidity accompanies psychopathies, endogenous psychoses, character aktsentuation (women with excessive suspiciousness, indecision, bashfulness, tendency to fixing on negative emotions).

As the moments provoking frigidity emergence serve exogenous factors with primary or secondary involvement of the sexual sphere: the mental injuries connected with a rough defloration, attempt to rapes, fear of pregnancy or publicity of the relations, physical disgust for the partner, excessive fixing on lack of an orgasm and also astenisation of any etiology, depressive, hypochiondrial states and other mental disorders. Frigidity is promoted by neurohumoral disturbances (for example, dysfunctions of ovaries, androgenic insufficiency, defeat of deep structures of a brain) and the segmented defeats of a nervous system (traumatic, tumoral or other genesis) leading to disturbance of sensitivity and loss of specific sexual feelings and an orgasm. Sometimes frigidity is a consequence of inborn malformations of generative organs, insolvency of muscles of a pelvic bottom, insufficiency of a krovenapolneniye of veniplexes, inflammatory diseases complicating sexual intercourse.

Frigidity treatment:

Treatment of psychological frigidity demands desire of the woman and time. Sometimes need joint treatment of partners is required.

During treatment psychological treatment, drug treatment, and also physical therapy and acupuncture can be applied.

Drug treatment of frigidity is carried out only under observation of the doctor, otherwise it threatens with hormonal failure which can lead to sad effects.

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