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Cementomas call group of benign tumors of cement of tooth (a thin layer of a bone on a surface of a tooth root). It is characterized by defeat of some areas of fangs.

Cementoma symptoms:

The main feature of new growths is availability of cement-like fabric. Here carry the cementing fibroma, a periapical tsementodisplaziya, and also gigantoformny cementoma. Most often such defeats occur at children and young people of 10-20 years, at more advanced age is identified seldom. Localization of cementomas generally in a mandible around premolar tooths and cutters.
Specifics of a tumor is its slow growth, as a result of growth the jaw can be deformed. Such pathological education in most cases occurs at women. It comes to light radiological, often accidentally, at diagnosis of other diseases of teeth.
Specialists revealed several kinds of a disease. This education having the rounded shape which is in area of the ascending mandible branch. Under a microscope the cement masses, and also in certain cases small cysts which surface is covered by a flat epithelium are found. In view of availability of liquid with cholesterol crystals, and also preferential localization in a zone of the lower wisdom teeth cementoma is ranked as kinds of odontomas. Other types of cementomas are similar to osteodisarcomas as their cells are sated with a stroma.
As a rule, at cementoma of special complaints does not arise, and it comes to light at diagnostic testings. If the tumor affects an upper jaw, its germination in a genyantrum is quite probable that causes functional disturbances.
Reveal cementoma by means of the roentgenogram. In a picture it looks as the dense darkened education which has the oval or rounded form. The place of localization – about a fang, the whole making with pathology. Contours are equal, and the borders which are accurately looked through.
At microscopic examination dense fabric with small kaltsinata, or a bone tissue of a weak mineralization comes to light. Under a microscope the cementoma formed by tsementnopodobny fabric shows the intertwining complexes with various lines of connection. Usually such picture it is inherent in those changes which happen at Pedzhet's disease.
Histologically the tumor is similar to an osteoid osteoma, an osteoblastoma, and also an atypical osteosarcoma. Thus, it is important to conduct exact clinicoradiological researches for establishment of communication with formations of teeth.

Cementoma treatment:

The basis of treatment of cementoma is a resection of defective area of a jaw. It is desirable to carry out a partial oncotomy with preservation to bone tissue integrities. After removal such type of a tumor does not recur.

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