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Aniline poisoning


Poisonings with aniline vapors, methemoglobin formers meet more often. Aniline can be soaked up through the unimpaired skin, causes hemolysis of erythrocytes.
This substance is used in the printing industry, by production of dyes and means for removal of spots. Both aniline, and its derivatives toluidine, nitroaniline and nitrogasoline are widely used at industrial synthesis.

Aniline poisoning symptoms:

Aniline smell. Bluish pallor of skin. Asthma, muscular weakness, syncope. Hemolysis and methemoglobinemia. Are characteristic of a methemoglobinemia: the expressed cyanosis, blue-gray, flaky, sometimes "pig-iron" coloring of face skin, auricles, finger-tips, mucous membranes of lips. Jaundice, anury. Danger of a cardioplegia. Similar symptoms at poisoning febrifugal, derivative aniline — acetanilide — monoacetylaniline, acetphenetidiene).

Aniline poisoning reasons:

Aniline is absorbed from a digestive tract, through lungs and skin. Leads Proglatyvany 1 g of aniline to the death of the patient.

Aniline poisoning treatment:

At aniline poisoning through a mouth — a gastric lavage, emetic, coal, salt laxatives. Warming of a body. Oxygen inhalations. At the expressed methemoglobinemia — a methylene blue intravenously. Initiation of breath and blood circulation. Intravenously — glucose.

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