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Girsutny syndrome


Hirsutism  (Latin hirsutus - shaggy, hairy) - men's type of pilosis at women.

Symptoms of the Girsutny syndrome:

It is necessary to understand increase at women of number of hair in the face, a breast, a stomach as a hirsutism, around nipples, and also on a back and hips. At the strengthened pilosis of women still speak about "hypertrichosis".

Between the terms "hirsutism" and "hypertrichosis" there is a difference: the first designates men's type of pilosis at women, and the second -  quantitative increase in hair on a body.
Constitutional form of a hirsutism. Such type of a hirsutism has hereditary character. At this type of the raised pilosis products of androgens are normal. Excess pilosis at women of separate nationalities (the female resident of the countries of the East and the Mediterranean) belongs to this form of a hirsutism. Norm option also is some increase in growth of hair in the person at women during climacteric period when there is a shift in estrogen / an androgenic ratio.

Exogenous form of a hirsutism. At some diseases it is necessary to enter androgens in the form of injections as medicine. Owing to reception of androgens by mother during pregnancy the child's birth with an intersexual structure of generative organs and a hirsutism is possible. The hirsutism can develop at use of such drugs as corticosteroids, streptomycin. It is necessary to remember that the chronic stress and the exhausting hunger strikes can provoke development of indumentum on a body of women.

Idiopathic hirsutism. The assumption of this type of a hirsutism arises when endocrine pathology is not found and the exogenous and constitutional hirsutism is excluded. This diagnosis is made at the normal and increased content of free testosterone and impossibility to establish a cause of illness.

Reasons of the Girsutny syndrome:

The hirsutism most often is a symptom of some endocrine diseases caused by defeat of gipotalamo-pituitary area, bark of adrenal glands and ovaries. But not always the hirsutism is connected with neuroendocrinal pathology. Allocate the following forms of a hirsutism which are not connected with pathology of ovaries or adrenal glands:

- constitutional

- exogenous

- idiopathic

Treatment of the Girsutny syndrome:

Treatment of a disease is based on change of a hormonal background and cosmetology procedures of removal of hair for long term — an electroepilation, the laser, light and so forth — selected vzavisimost from type, hair color and the patient's skin.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Girsutny syndrome:

  • Препарат Диане®-35.


    Contraceptive means (estrogen + anti-androgen).

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  • Препарат Андрокур®.


    Antineoplastic means, anti-androgen.

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  • Препарат Ципротерон.


    Antineoplastic means, drugs with anti-androgenic action

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