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Insulin lipodystrophy


Insulin lipodystrophies — one of insulin therapy complications which is shown in the form of an atrophy (an atrophic form) or hypertrophies (a hypertrophic form) of a hypodermic basis in insulin injection sites. More often children and women suffer.

Reasons of an insulin lipodystrophy:

Development of lipodystrophies often is the cornerstone the neurodystrophic disturbances in an injection zone caused by influence of the mechanical, physical and chemical and thermal irritants connected with disturbance of the procedure of an injection and properties of the applied insulin. A certain part in genesis of lipodystrophies is assigned to the immunological factors depending on quality of insulin. It is confirmed by considerable reduction of cases of lipodystrophies when using high cleaning insulin with neutral reaction.

The lipodystrophy develops in various terms of an insulin therapy (from 1 month to several years). Depth of defeat varies from small deepenings before total disappearance of a hypodermic basis on a considerable surface. Manifestation of a lipodystrophy, except cosmetic defect, is followed by insulin absorption disturbance that can conduct to a diabetes mellitus decompensation. Injections can become painful that is especially negative at children.

Symptoms of an insulin lipodystrophy:

The lipodystrophy is shown, as a rule, in the form of an atrophy of a hypodermic basis in places of injections of insulin. The hypertrophic form — formation of a peculiar lipoma, dense fatty lump in insulin injection sites is less often observed. Sometimes the lipodystrophy is formed on the places close to sites of injections — a reperkussionny lipodystrophy.

Инсулиновая липодистрофия

Insulin lipodystrophy

Treatment of an insulin lipodystrophy:

Prevention and treatment at this type of complications of an insulin therapy are directed to reduction of the risk factors promoting emergence of a lipodystrophy. For the maximum reduction of the mechanical, thermal, chemical irritating factors influencing the same site of skin it is necessary to follow rules of administration of insulin strictly. It is necessary to use insulin only of room temperature, from the refrigerator by no means. Now any more wiping of skin by alcohol before an injection is not used. If it occurs, it is necessary to wait until alcohol dries, and only then to do an injection. Change of injection sites of insulin is obligatory that it assumes an injection in the same body part not more often than 1 time in 60 days. The injection should do by one-time plastic syringes or the syringe handles with acute fine needles that does the procedure atraumatic. At implementation of rules of the equipment of injections and use of human or pork monocomponent insulin with neutral reaction рН, lipodystrophies practically do not develop.

If lipodystrophies already arose, it is necessary to analyze what rules of administration of insulin are violated. Sometimes just change of the place of an injection leads to disappearance of a lipodystrophy. Administration of human or pork insulin to the sites of healthy fabric adjoining on a lipodystrophy is recommended. It is impossible to enter insulin as in these sites its absorption is broken that causes a disease decompensation into places of lipodystrophies. Administration of insulin with novocaine solution is sometimes recommended. For blockade of sources of irritation and recovery of a nervous trophicity recommend to mix all dose of insulin or a part it with novocaine solution, equal on the volume of 0,5% (or the corresponding equivalent of 2% of solution of novocaine). It an obkalyvaniye is carried out it is long depending on the sizes of the site of lipodystrophies. It is possible to appoint novocaine also in the form of an electrophoresis to sites of defeat. Apply an obkalyvaniye of sites of lipodystrophies to increase in permeability of fabrics and acceleration of absorption of insulin lidazy or an electrophoresis from lidazy.

Usually listed actions are enough for prevention and treatment of lipodystrophies.

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