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Препарат Pravenor™. Универсальное агентство «Про-Фарма» Украина


Producer: Universal agency "Pro-Pharma" Ukraine

Release form: Firm dosage forms. Capsules.

Indications to use: Chronic prostatitis. Prostatitis. Prevention of prostatitis.

General characteristics. Structure:

Active ingredient: 1 capsule contains extract of a nettle dvodomny - 200 mg, selenium methionine - 70 mg, extract of oats sowing - 50 mg, extract of a blue melilot hay - 50 mg, extract of a girchak Japanese - 20 mg, vitamin - 50 mg, extract of the tributary medicinal - 5 mg.

Pharmacological properties:

Pravenor ™ contains a unique combination of plant extracts, vitamins and microelements of production of the Naturex company, France. Has antiinflammatory, antibacterial, antiedematous, spasmolytic, antioxidant properties, improves microcirculation, causes soft diuretic and, in general, prostatoprotektorny action. 

Pravenor ™ blocks inflammatory process, recovers microcirculation, interferes with development of micro vein thromboses of a prostate. Stimulates a muscle tone of a bladder, eliminates dysuric frustration. Prevents destructive processes owing to inhibition of excess free radical oxidation. 

- The complex mechanism of pharmacological action defines high performance of Pravenor ™ in treatment of various pathologies of a prostate. 
- The convenient mode of dosing Pravenor ™ allows to simplify as much as possible the scheme of treatment for the patient (to reach a high komplayens of the patient).

Indications to use:

• Chronic prostatitis (the infectious, noninfectious and mixed genesis); 
• Prevention of development and exacerbations of chronic prostatitis with risk factors (smoking, an alcohol abuse, a stress, a hypodynamia, irregular and the disorder sex life, infections, sexually transmitted and chronic diseases of other bodies - in the anamnesis, the age is more senior than 40 years).

Route of administration and doses:

Usually on 1 capsule once a day irrespective of meal. In certain cases it is possible to increase a daily dose to 2 capsules (2 times a day are accepted once or on 1 capsule). Duration of use is established individually. If necessary to repeat a course. Before reception it is recommended to consult with the doctor.

Features of use:

The selection phytomolecules ™ 

The selection phytomolecules ™ - modern generation of hi-tech connections of a plant origin. It is result of ecologically favorable conditions for cultivation of plants, evidence-based high-quality and quantitative selection of certain phytochemical fractions, their standardization and clinically proved efficiency. 

Unlike synthetic means the selection phytomolecules ™ do not do harm to an organism even at prolonged use (first of all a liver). At the same time the selection phytomolecules do not concede, and sometimes exaggerate efficiency of synthetic substances therefore they are used as an alternative or addition with the last. 

Unlike traditional vegetable means the selection phytomolecules ™ contain high degree of concentration and cleaning of phytochemical fractions which efficiency and safety is proved by numerous researches. 

Pravenor ™ - the representative of the selection phytomolecules ™, is created especially for treatment and prevention of chronic prostatitis and its dangerous effects. Pravenor ™ contains a unique combination of active ingredients and is a product of visokospetsifichny conditions of cultivation in the south of France. 

In the table the main mechanisms of action of phytochemical fractions are specified 
Pravenor ™

Action   Nettle extract Oats extract   Blue melilot extract  Extract of a girchak  Extract of the tributary  Selenium methionine  Vitamin E 
Antiinflammatory   +  +  +  +  +    
Antibacterial   +  +          
Antiedematous   +  +    +      
Spasmolytic   +    +    +    
Antioxidant   +  +  +  +  +  +++  ++
Soft diuretic   +  +  +        


Individual sensitivity to any of drug components.

Storage conditions:

To store in original packaging in dry, protected from light and the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature from +4 °C to +30 °C - 24 months of date of production.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe

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