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Abscess of a nasal partition


Abscess of a nasal partition - suppuration of a nasal partition against the background of her hematoma.

Reasons of abscess of a nasal partition:

Abscess of a nasal partition most often arises after a nose injury (hematoma suppuration). More rare, it develops owing to distribution of purulent process on a nose partition from carious teeth or as a complication of purulent sinusitis, sometimes - a furuncle, an erysipelatous inflammation of a nose, flu.

Abscess represents accumulation of pus between a cartilage and a nadkhryashchnitsa, usually on both sides of a nose partition. The cartilage deprived of food quickly is exposed to a nekrotization.

Symptoms of abscess of a nasal partition:

Symptoms of abscess of a nasal partition are difficulty of nasal breath of various degree, decrease in sense of smell, local pain, sometimes a headache, fervescence, disturbance of the general state.

At a front rinoskopiya, and sometimes when lifting a tip of a nose from one or both parties spherical protrusion of a mucous membrane of a nasal partition is visible. At palpation by the probe it painful, an elastic consistence.

Diagnosis of a disease does not represent big difficulties. Consider first of all data of the anamnesis, survey and a puncture.

Treatment of abscess of a nasal partition:

Treatment of abscess only surgical. The earlier it is undertaken, the less cosmetic defect.

Make wide cuts of protrusion of soft tissues of a nasal partition from one or both parties, but so that they did not match. The abscess cavity is washed out strong solution of an antibiotic, either by 1% dioxidin solution, or solution of Furacilin (1:5000). If necessary delete with a spoon nekrotizirovanny parts of a cartilage. After that enter a rubber drainage into an abscess cavity. Make a nose tamponade, it is the most reasonable to use tampons with an iodoform. Appoint antibiotics. In 1 days tampons and drainages change. Treatment is carried out in LOR-department.

Abscess of a nasal partition at such way of treatment recovers usually in 8 - 12 days.

At the address of patients after a nose partition cartilage nekrotization quite often there is retraction of a ridge of the nose.

Abscess of a nasal partition can sometimes accompany with a heavy intracranial complication, in particular thrombosis of a cavernous sine.

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