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Skin horn of a penis


Skin horn of a penis - the high-quality new growth from cells of an acanthceous layer of epidermis which is clinically reminding an animal horn which covers a balanus and a prepuce.

Reasons of a skin horn of a penis:

The skin horn can be primary (that is develops without the visible reasons) and secondary, arising against the background of a chronic inflammation, papillomas, warts, atheromas and other educations. The disease is considered as precancerous formation or a kind of skin cancer.


Histologically the skin horn is shown by sharply expressed hyperkeratosis, an insignificant papillomatosis, an acanthosis from proliferating acanthceous cells with sites of incorrectly located cells.

Symptoms of a skin horn of a penis:

Externally skin horn represents dense (nail density) an outgrowth in 2-3 cm, yellow or whitish color.

Its form can be direct, bent or twisted. It very slowly grows in length, at the same time diameter of the basis practically does not change. The created tumor represents cone-shaped horn weight, length to the mountain considerably exceeds diameter of the basis of a tumor.

Current of a skin horn usually high-quality, transformation cases in planocellular cancer are described seldom.


The diagnosis of a skin horn is established on the basis of a clinical picture, definition of the nature of a disease against the background of which the skin horn develops is obligatory.

The differential diagnosis is carried out with horn type of a keratoacanthoma, planocellular cancer. The exception of planocellular cancer requires a research of a bioptat of the basis of an element.

Treatment of a skin horn of a penis:

Treatment of a skin horn consists in surgical removal of education, removal by beams of the neodymium laser, by a cryolysis is possible.

Prevention of a skin horn: prevention of traumatization of a penis.

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