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Inflammation of Bauhin's valve


Inflammation of Bauhin's valve — a disease inflammatory character at which the bauginiyevy gate is surprised. It is observed at enterita and colitis.

Анатомическое расположение баугиниевой заслонки

Anatomic arrangement of the bauginiyevy gate

Reasons of an inflammation of Bauhin's valve:

Pathogenic microorganisms who come to a human body together with food can be an origin of a disease. Existence of such factors as disturbance of motor function of intestines and neuroendocrine regulation, irrational food (a lack of protein, vitamins, microelements), and also – individual intolerance of separate products can provoke defective recovery mucous intestines owing to what inflammatory process of local character develops.

Symptoms of an inflammation of Bauhin's valve:

- disturbance of a chair,
- meteorism,
- painful feelings in the right ideotsekalny area.
The stomach palpation in the right ideotsekalny area is painful, quite often there is a rumbling. Signs of an inflammation of the bauginiyevy gate can be revealed at X-ray inspection of intestines and at a kolonoskopiya.

Treatment of an inflammation of Bauhin's valve:

At treatment of an inflammation of Bauhin's valve it is necessary to keep to a diet which has to be full, balanced and caloric. Treatment of an inflammation of Bauhin's valve depends on features of a course of a disease, character of the arisen complications and the general condition of an organism.

Main methods of treatment:
prescription of antibiotics;
purpose of the spasmolytic, knitting and anti-inflammatory drugs;
surgical treatment;
the physical therapy directed to recovery of the compensatory and regulating mechanisms;
sanatorium-health-resort treatment.
Usually after treatment antibacterial drugs carry out treatment bacterial to a complete recovery of microbic flora.

An essential role in treatment of an inflammation of Bauhin's valve is played by officinal herbs which infusion has the antiinflammatory and anesthetizing effect.

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