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Stomach diverticulum


Diverticulums of a stomach are inborn malformations.

Approximately equally often they are observed both at men, and at women and represent rather rare disease: 0,01 - 0,05% of cases of all diseases of a stomach. Total number of descriptions of this disease in literature is rather small.

Дивертикул желудка

Stomach diverticulum

Stomach diverticulum reasons:

Distinguish true diverticulums of a stomach which wall is formed by the same layers, as a stomach wall, and also the diverticulums which are formed at an anguish or discrepancy of a muscular coat of a stomach in which opening the mucous membrane, forming local protrusion prolabirut it.

Its traction diverticulums arise in the presence of external unions of the site of a wall of a stomach and its constant pulling up in this place.

Stomach diverticulum symptoms:

Clinical picture of a malokharaktern. In most cases diverticulums of a stomach proceed asymptomatically and come to light at the X-ray inspection of a digestive tract conducted concerning other disease. Are less often observed dispeptic (shown an eructation, an aerophagia, a potashnivaniye, feeling of Pressure in epigastric area and dull aches), pseudo-ulcer, pseudocarcinomatous (from uncertain character by pains, exhaustion, an anemization, sometimes subfebrile condition) and mixed (uncertain) disease forms.


Diverticulums find during X-ray inspection. Also to confirm the diagnosis, to estimate a condition of a mucous membrane of a stomach, in particular to reveal an inflammation (diverticulitis), gastroscopy helps.

Treatment of a diverticulum of a stomach:

At uncomplicated forms of a divertuculosis treatment preferential dietary: constant reception of wheat bran of a rough grinding is recommended to the patient (gradually raising a dose from 2-3 teaspoons to 3-9 tablespoons a day). The dose providing a regular chair at least 1 time in two days is considered optimum.

If necessary in addition apply cerucal, festal. In case of episodes of diarrhea, a meteorism Biseptolum, sulfaguanidine, Intestopanum or other antibacterial drugs are shown. At complications of purulent character and signs of an acute abdomen urgent operation – a resection of an affected area of a gut is shown.

In the absence of symptoms of irritation of a peritoneum, high fever and shifts of a leukocytic formula inherent to purulent processes, appoint parenteral antibacterial therapy before subsiding of the inflammatory phenomena in a diverticulum zone.

Bleedings at a divertuculosis usually do not happen massive and are treated by conservative methods. At long recurrent bleedings, the resection of the struck part of a gut is shown to anemia.

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