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Synonym - pakreatichesky insufficiency.
The disturbance of activity of a pancreas which is not followed, as a rule, by inflammatory reaction, however having a certain clinical symptomatology received the name of pancreatic insufficiency.

Pancreatopathy symptoms:

Clinical manifestations of pancreatic insufficiency are signs of disturbance of activity of a pancreas – an abdominal pain, appetite change (reduction or total disappearance), nausea, abdominal murmur, a meteorism and a flatulention, a steatorrhea. Intensity and expressiveness of these signs depend on extent of damage of a pancreas.

Pancreatopathy reasons:

Distinguish primary and secondary pancreatic insufficiency. Primary pancreatic insufficiency develops owing to influence of so-called not upgradeable factors which the person (the patient or the doctor) to influence and cannot influence. Such diseases as cystous fibrosis of a pancreas, inborn disturbance of passability of a pancreatic channel, Shwachman syndrome, the isolated deficit of a lipase, the isolated insufficiency of trypsin, hereditary recurrent pancreatitis concern to them

Treatment of the Pancreatopathy:

At insufficiency of a pancreas various medicines containing enzymes are applied. Traditionally Pancreatinum – the drug prepared from a pancreas of animals [3] is for this purpose used. However in the conditions of an intensive kislotoobrazovaniye in a stomach there came its partial inactivation and drug did not render the expected medical effect. Further with development of pharmaceutical industry, knowledge of the mechanism of processes of digestion there were new forms of the drugs containing Pancreatinum in the form of tablets, a dragee, granules with a protective cover and the microspheres placed in the capsule. Now the fermental drugs used in clinical practice have to meet certain requirements. Main requirements: non-toxicity; good tolerance; lack of essential side reactions; an action optimum in an interval рН 5-7; resistance to effect of hydrochloric acid, pepsins and other proteases; maintenance of enough active digestive enzymes; to have a long period of storage.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Pancreatopathy:

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