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Pain in an anus (proctalgia)


Proctodynia (pain in an anus, a proctalgia) — the syndrome combining diseases at which the main sign is rectum pain. Distinguish primary and secondary proctodynia.

Анатомические особенности прямой кишки

Anatomic features of a rectum

The Pain reasons in an anus:

The reasons of primary proctodynia are unknown. At a secondary proctodynia of pain irradiate in a rectum at a disease of the next bodies (prostatitis, an urethritis, cystitis, etc.).

Pain symptoms in an anus:

The disease can begin sharply or gradually. The main symptoms are paroxysms of pains in a rectum, comparable on impression of some patients with cauterization with the heated iron. Pain can irradiate in legs, the lower part of a stomach, a bladder. The attack is followed by a delay of gases and urinations, tachycardia, pallor of the skin and mucous membranes raised by perspiration. At inspection of the patient out of an attack reveal moderate morbidity of a sacrum in the field of an exit of nervous roots, and also a rectum, a tailbone and a sphincter. At primary proctodynia in a rectum and surrounding bodies at tool researches of pathology it is not possible to reveal. At a secondary proctodynia it is important to establish the diagnosis of a basic disease. The differential diagnosis is carried out with tumors, cracks of a rectum and anorectal area, hemorrhoids, a paraproctitis, diseases of a prostate and uterus.

Treatment of Pain in an anus:

At primary forms the symptomatic treatment, is directed to elimination of pains. Revenge appoint a diathermy, UVCh-therapy, dirt and other physiotherapeutic methods. The prevention and elimination of locks is of great importance. Widely apply psychotherapy with use of psychotropic drugs depending on features of a psychopathological syndrome: tranquilizers at a hyposthenia (Rudotelum, Seduxenum, Phenazepamum); antidepressants at a depression (amitriptyline, Azaphenum, Pyrazidolum); neuroleptics at a phobia, a depression (Frenolonum, eglonyl, ксанакс). At persistent pains apply okolokopchikovy spirtonovokainovy blockade. At secondary proctodynias treatment has to be pathogenetic, i.e. promote elimination of a cause of illness.

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