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Dyspepsia (from other - Greek δυσ-— the prefix denying positive sense of the word and  — digestion) — the disturbance of normal activity of a stomach complicated and painful digestion. The syndrome of dyspepsia is defined as feeling of pain or discomfort (weight, the overflow, early saturation) localized in epigastric (epigastric) area is closer to a midline.

Dyspepsia symptoms:

Fermentative dyspepsia is characterized by disturbance of digestion of carbohydrates and sharp strengthening of processes of fermentation in a large intestine. It can be acute and chronic. Acute fermentative dyspepsia arises upon transition to unusual food, the excessive use of a cellulose. Chronic fermentative dyspepsia can turn out to be consequence of acute, develops at the long sparing food or the use of carbohydrate-rich food.  Clinically fermentative dyspepsia is shown by the general weakness, a meteorism, abdominal murmur, decrease or loss of appetite, a plentiful otkhozhdeniye badly of the smelling gases. A characteristic sign is the diarrhea, a chair 2 — 4 times a day, excrements light, are penetrated by numerous vials of gas, without impurity of slime and blood.

Putrefactive dyspepsia is characterized by disturbance of a proteopepsis and their putrefactive decomposition is preferential in a large intestine. It can arise at the people who are accustomed quickly is, or at plentiful reception of proteinaceous food, and also as a result of sharp decrease in secretory function of a stomach and a pancreas. Putrefactive dyspepsia can be also a consequence of the intestinal hypersecretion which resulted from inflammatory and necrotic processes (for example, ulcer colitis), the increased formation of acids of fermentation. At patients ponosa are noted, at a chronic current they are persistent. At putrefactive dyspepsia abdominal distention, gaseous eructation with a smell of rotten eggs, kcal of dark brown color, liquid or kashitseobrazny with a pungent putrefactive smell is noted, it is penetrated by vials of gas. Intoxication phenomena can be observed (the general weakness, headaches, etc.).

Fatty dyspepsia occurs extremely seldom, usually at consumption of large amounts of fats at persons with diseases of a liver, bilious ways or a pancreas; it is characterized by a bad rasshcheplyaemost and absorbability of fats. It is clinically shown by a hyperperistalsis and "fat" ponosa (a chair 3 times a day, excrements plentiful, kashitseobrazny, a clay look, contain a large amount of fats).

Dyspepsia reasons:

Depending on a cause of infringement of digestion allocate the dyspepsias caused by dysfunction of one of departments of the alimentary system and insufficient products of these or those digestive juices (intestinal, gastric, pancreatic, hepatic), and the dyspepsias connected preferential with alimentary disturbances (fermentative, putrefactive and fatty, or soap).

Treatment of Dyspepsia:

At fermentative dyspepsia appoint a protein-rich diet with restriction of carbohydrates (unsweetened tea, broth, fish soup, boiled chopped meat, fish, cottage cheese, butter). In process of normalization of a state the diet is expanded. At putrefactive dyspepsia the diet with dominance of carbohydrates and some restriction of protein is recommended; in the first days intravenously pour in glucose or give tea with a small amount of sugar; then include mucous broths from rice, semolina in a diet, crackers, white loaf, butter, chicken (light meat), river fish, apples, a cauliflower. Further appoint the diet including yesterday's white bread, biscuit, soups on the weak fat-free beef-infusion or fish broth, meat of low-fat grades (beef, veal, chicken, a turkey, a rabbit), low-fat fish (a pike perch, a bream, a cod, a perch, a navaga), potatoes, vegetable marrows, various porridges, whole eggs, kissels, jelly, mousses, a souffle from sweet grades of berries and fruit. A diet fractional — 5 — 6 times a day. At fatty dyspepsia usually limit fats. From medicines, especially at fermentative dyspepsia, recommend the adsorbing, vitamin drugs, at disturbance of vneshnesekretorny function of this or that department of the alimentary system — fermental drugs (Pancreatinum, festal, абомин, pepsin  , etc.), a natural gastric juice, hydrochloric acid, at pains — anesthetics; carry out treatment of dysbacteriosis.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Dyspepsia:

  • Препарат Новобисмол®.


    Antiseptic intestinal and astringent.

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  • Препарат Мотилак.


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  • Препарат Ротабиотик.


    Dietary supplements.

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  • Препарат Урсокапс.


    Hepatoprotective means.

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  • Препарат Мотиллион.


    Antiemetic. Stimulator of motility of digestive tract.

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  • Препарат Омепразол.


    Antiulcerous means. Inhibitors of "the proton pump".

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  • Препарат Панкреатин.


    Drugs, digestant. Fermental drugs.

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  • Препарат Омепразол.


    Antiulcerous drug

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  • Препарат Гефал.


    The adsorbents enveloping means. Antacids.

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  • Препарат Бактистатин®.


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  • Препарат Микразим.


    Fermental drugs.

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  • Препарат Вис-Нол.

    Hung - Nol

    Means for treatment of a round ulcer and a gastroesophageal reflux disease.

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  • Препарат Смекта.


    Antidiarrheal means.

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