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Polymastia – existence of an additional mammary gland which can be also on the course, the so-called, lacteal line which passes from armpits to the area of a groin.

At a polymastia it is necessary to distinguish aberrant and additional mammary glands
The aberrant mammary gland is deprived of a nipple and is located out of the lacteal line.

The exclave has a nipple and comes from the lacteal line which involution in the embryonal period was broken.

Polymastia reasons:

The polymastia arises owing to an arrest of development or in insufficient involution (involution) of embryonal rudiments of mammary glands (lacteal points).

Polymastia symptoms:

Allocations from additional mammary glands, and also infectious and inflammatory processes in them which usually arise in a puerperal period belong to complications of a polymastia. Also so far is not present uniform to opinion on risk of malignant regeneration of additional mammary glands, this question is still insufficiently studied. At development of a malignant tumor in the additional mammary gland located in axillary area (the most frequent localization), the forecast most often adverse because of proximity to regional lymph nodes.

Дополнительная молочная железа в подмышечной области

Additional mammary gland in axillary area

Treatment of a polymastia:

The indication to operational removal of additional mammary glands is development of complications, and also the burdened family anamnesis in a breast cancer. In case of infectious complications operation is carried out after elimination of an inflammation, according to plan. The relative indication to operation also is desire of the patient to reach esthetic effect, especially if glands large, deform the main mammary gland or are located on open parts of a body.

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