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Galaktotsele is a blockage of lacteal channels of a breast at which the benign fatty cyst is formed. In cyst walls which segments of a mammary gland are to be the turned milk.

Reasons for a galaktotsela:

Galaktotsele can appear because of disturbance of outflow of milk from a segment. The milk which remained in a share changes the consistence, corks a channel and milk continues to collect in a cyst. Bad outflow can arise also because of an inflammation of channels.

Often to a galaktotsela meets at the termination of a lactation or in 8-10 months after its end. The cyst can develop during breastfeeding or pregnancy.

Symptoms to a galaktotsela:

Lactocele soft and elastic to the touch, mobile, correct rounded shape, unpainful. Small morbidity can arise at patients at significant increase in a cyst, because of restretching of fabrics and a prelum of the next healthy segments. At ultrasonography it is possible to reveal liquid formation of the noninflammatory nature, but ultrasonography of a mammary gland during feeding is complicated by a hypertrophy of all ferruterous segments which can surround a cyst. At a puncture of education receive slivkoobrazny liquid of flavovirent color. As cyst contents – the changed milk, microflora in it usually are absent. But it is a fine medium for conditionally pathogenic microflora (staphylococcus, a streptococcus) therefore the most widespread complication to a galaktotsela – abscess of a mammary gland, mastitis.

At detection of similar tumorous education during feeding by a breast or in several months later, it is necessary to consult surely at the mammologist. Despite a high probability to a galaktotsela, there is a danger to ignore a breast cancer.

Галактоцеле молочной железы

Galaktotsele of a mammary gland

Treatment to a galaktotsela:

At the confirmed galaktotsel feeding does not stop. Methods of treatment can be divided on puncture and radical. It is very often possible to meet numerous offers of commercial clinics on treatment of lactoceles without cuts. This tempting offer usually is meant as a cyst puncture with suction (aspiration) of contents. Such way attracts many women who do not think that after aspiration lobular cells can produce milk again. And, as outflow of milk is not recovered, the cyst, with high probability, will arise again. The possibility of scarring of a cyst after suction of contents is very small, besides, at big and superficial cysts, the deforming internal hem cosmetic is less favorable.

It is the simplest to make usual excision to a galaktotsela in the surgical way. At the same time the postoperative hem is hardly noticeable, and the possibility of a recurrence is extremely small. There is also a small possibility of independent drainage of a cyst, but homeopathic remedies and grass poultices are ineffective here. Moreover, the risk of infection of such cyst at any time has to guard the nursing mother, forcing to address the specialist, the mammologist.

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