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Fibroadenoma of a mammary gland


The fibroadenoma is a high-quality new growth in a mammary gland. Fibroadenomas make about 15% of tumors of a mammary gland. They usually appear during the highest development of secretion of sex hormones, at the age of 20-35 years, more often at not giving birth or low-giving birth or unmarried women. At the age of 50 years fibroadenomas are also more senior meet seldom. At 10% of patients they are bilateral.

Reasons of the Fibroadenoma of a mammary gland:

Many authors consider a mastopathy and a fibroadenoma as a kind of dishormonal giperplaziya of mammary glands. Increase in a tumor and change of a histologic picture of a fibroadenoma depending on hormonal shifts is noted during a menstrual cycle, pregnancy and a lactation.

Symptoms of the Fibroadenoma of a mammary gland:

The fibroadenoma represents a fibroepitelialny tumor. When development of fibrous fabric prevails, speak about a fibroadenoma; at excessive growth of epithelial fabric speak about an adenofibrosis. Pure adenomas meet seldom. The tumor is put into the capsule, on a section it homogeneous, grayish color.
On a histologic structure distinguish the following forms of tumors: 1) subepithelial – intrakanalikulyarny fibroadenomas; 2) perikanalikulyarny and periatsinozny; 3) the mixed forms – subepithelial, perikanalikulyarny and periatsinozny fibroadenomas.
These tumors grow slowly. At first there is a small tumor which gradually has 5-10 cm a diameter. During pregnancy the strengthened growth of fibroadenomas which can reach the considerable sizes is found and malignizirovatsya. At patients of more advanced age, especially in the period of a menopause, fibroadenomas can be exposed to involution. The epithelium at the same time atrophies and disappears, connecting fabric is hyalinized, in it salts of lime are laid and calcification begins.
The tumor develops gradually, seldom is followed by pain and often it is found absolutely accidentally the patient or the attending physician. Quite often these tumors come to light at routine inspection of women.
Most often the tumor is localized in an upper outside quadrant of gland, has the rounded or oval shape, a smooth surface, a dense consistence, is clearly outlined, painless. Skin and lymph nodes is not involved in process.
Adenomas of a mammary gland are observed seldom, occur at young women and slowly increase, without reaching the big sizes. The tumor is located in a parenchyma of a mammary gland, has the rounded or oval shape, a soft consistence, painless and well mobile.

Фиброаденома молочной железы

Fibroadenoma of a mammary gland

УЗИ при фиброаденоме молочной железы

Ultrasonography at a fibroadenoma of a mammary gland

Treatment of the Fibroadenoma of a mammary gland:

Fibroadenomas at any age are subject to operational treatment. Operation is necessary for specification of the diagnosis and also in view of the fact that the fibroadenoma tends to the steady growth and increase. Make a sectoral resection of gland and an urgent histologic research of a tumor. Adenomas are subject to an operative measure.

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