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Nipple cracks of a mammary gland


Nipple cracks are small gaps on skin of a breast and nipples which appear, as a rule, at nursing mothers.

Symptoms of Nipple cracks of a mammary gland:

Cracks and grazes of nipples are very painful. Right after formation of a crack on nipples skin of nipples tries to grow together and it occurs very quickly if harmful factors are terminated after formation of a crack. However even if after formation of a crack on a nipple action of the injuring factors on nipples continues a crack not only does not disappear, but goes deep and inflames.
Most often nipple cracks arise at the nursing mothers who recently began breastfeeding. It is connected with the fact that at the beginning of breastfeeding skin of nipples still very gentle and sensitive and, therefore, is easily injured. In process of increase in experience of mother in feeding skin on nipples grows coarse and becomes very steady even to strong extension and frequent feedings of the child.

Reasons of Nipple cracks of a mammary gland:

Nipple cracks can be formed as a result of insufficiently good preparation of mammary glands during pregnancy, the wrong technology of feeding, a hypovitaminosis, the general weakening of an organism of the woman.

- Stagnation of milk. When the breast is overflowed with milk, it is difficult for child to take it correctly, and at the wrong capture of a nipple additional conditions of its traumatization are created.

- The flat or inverted nipples. At such shapes of nipples inconveniences for their correct capture are created, but there are devices helping to change a shape of a nipple.

- Feeding interruption by a breast. If the kid did not gorge on, it is quite difficult to move away him from a nipple, and mechanical traumatization of a nipple is possible.

- Dry skin. It can be specific feature of the woman, a symptom of a disease (anemia 2-3 degrees, psoriasis, neurodermatitis, atopic dermatitis) or the wrong care of mammary glands. For elimination of this problem use of special means is recommended.

- Misuse of milk pumps.

- A teething at the kid.

There can be also other reasons.

Treatment of Nipple cracks of a mammary gland:

If nevertheless nipple cracks arose, it is necessary to take measures for their healing as it is dangerous not only to you (the risk of development of mastitis ― an inflammation of a mammary gland increases), and for your child: with milk from a crack the infection can get.

It is necessary to carry out feeding according to the following scheme and to use the healing means:

  1. To feed the child taking into account all rules described earlier.
  2. To wash nipples under warm water without soap.
  3. To dry a pure soft towel.
  4. To apply on a nipple a thick layer of the healing ointment containing декспантенол (for example, ointment D-panthenol).
  5. To wrap a breast a sterile napkin and to put on a bra. To hold this compress within 1 hour, then to remove and remove the ointment remains a soft napkin. To apply such compress 3-4 times a day before full healing of cracks.

Ointment D-panthenol on the basis of a dekspantenol can be used both for care of mammary glands, and for healing of nipple cracks of mammary glands.

In order to avoid emergence of cracks it is necessary:

· to change position of the child at a breast during feeding that at suction different sites of a nipple were exposed to pressure;

· after feeding of pacifiers it is necessary to take from a mouth of the baby. If he does not release it, it is enough to hold slightly a nose of the kid, and he will push out a nipple;

· to make feedings more frequent and less long (not longer than 10-15 minutes everyone);

· before giving a breast, to put to a nipple the ice wrapped in a pure gauze to soften pain;

· after feeding and decantation of the remained milk it is necessary to dry up a nipple, holding opened on air of 5 minutes;

· the milk which remained after feeding needs to be decanted before full emptying of a breast. It is necessary to decant milk the easy movements, without touching a nipple. At a nagrubaniye of mammary glands it is reasonable (laktostaza) to use a milk pump or to quickly brake a lactation;

· it is necessary to change linen daily;

· if on a nipple there were cracks, then as well as any wound, these cracks are open for an infection, and they need to be treated immediately.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Nipple cracks of a mammary gland:

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