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Comedones are called small, dark stains on skin. Also they can be defined as acnes of noninflammatory character, striking the hair follicles which are often containing Propionibacterium bacteria.
Types of comedones:
1. At open comedones in a hair follicle the stopper from a keratin and skin fat forms. The comedone "opens" a wide opening on skin. This external opening is frequent it is hammered with dust, and then the comedone looks as dark points. Such comedones are called eels.
2. The closed comedones have no exit to the surface of skin therefore at this type of comedones inflammatory reactions are very widespread in area defeat. The specified type of comedones is widely known as Whitehead's eels. The closed comedones which result from obstruction of hair openings is deeper damage of skin.  They are less obvious to diagnosis and usually arise along with open comedones at one patient.

Reasons of comedones:

The actual reasons of comedones consist in a combination excess of skin fat and accumulation of toxins which are removed from an organism through skin by means of lymphatic system.
Eels can be called by hormonal changes, the wrong eating habits and incorrect care of skin.
Misuse of care products for skin and a make-up are the main responsible in formation of eels. These products will mix up with natural skin fat, forming the mix capable to block a time. Black color of comedones is partially caused by melanin, a skin pigment.
The exact reasons of blocking of a skin time are completely not known, some factors include:
- diabetes;
- vitamin deficiency;
- stress;
- genetic factors.

Symptoms of comedones:

Possible symptoms of comedones are the following signs. Usually they appear on a face and shoulders, but also can develop on a trunk, hands, legs and buttocks. There are comedones at any age, can be observed even at babies, but most often occur at teenagers. At comedones expanded hair follicles are filled with keratinaceous scales, bacteria and skin fat. The head of a comedone is on the surface of skin or is close to it, it is more dark from oxygen influence. It is caused by a skin pimento, but not pollution.

Проявления комедонов на лице

Displays of comedones in the person

Treatment of comedones:

Effective treatment of comedones can include the following items:
1. Elimination of excesses of skin fat.
2. Dermatologists use local and peroral antibiotics, and also oral contraceptives for women, for the purpose of treatment of comedones.
3. Use of means for skin, suitable for its specific type.
4. Regularly you carry out a peeling of skin, эффетивен as a peeling a srub with apricot stones. The Pilling helps devitalized cells at a distance.
5. Chemical peeling: care of skin by means of salicylic and glycolic acid are very useful to bystry and effective removal of dead cells of skin.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of Comedones:

  • Препарат Эффезел.


    Remedy for acne rash.

    Laboratoires Galderma (Galderm's Laboratories) France

  • Препарат Куриозин.


    Local means for treatment of an acne.

    Gedeon Richter (Gideon Richter) Hungary

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