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Morbid condition of skin, ха­рактеризующееся mesh or treelike, siyonyushny color the drawing of the translucent expanded blood vessels at the expense of a passive giyoperemiya.

Symptoms of the Livedo:

Allocate several forms: livedo racemo-sa, livedo reticularis, livedo lenticularis. livedo race-mosa is characterized by emergence on extensor surfaces of extremities, buttocks of drevoyovidny cyanotic-red resistant spots in which zone sites of a necrosis, skin ulcerations are possible.
Histologically reveal a proliferayotion of cells of an intima of arterioles and small veins of a koyozha and hypodermic cellulose. The vessel obyoliteration, derma fibrosis are sometimes possible. livedo reticularis (cutis marmorata) can be reaction of vessels to impact of cold (L.r. a frigore) or heat (L. of a. calore). the livedo cold is more often observed at girls and young women suffering from neurohumoral disturbances (a hypothyroidism, a dysmenorrhea) is quite often combined with a Crocq's disease, oznobleyoniy. The clinical picture differs in the nestoyyoky nature of the changes disappearing at a nayodavlivaniye, loop-shaped mesh character of the drawing, localization on sites of skin, open or badly zayoshchishchenny from impact of cold (the lower extremities are more often). the livedo vozyonikat thermal on sites of skin, is long подвергаю­щихся to influence of intensive heat (in baths, under the influence of hot-water bottles). At the same time passing, and then sometimes the resistant rasshiyoreniye of vessels with development of a mesh giperpigmenyotation nablyuyodatsya in the beginning. livedo lenticularis is an initial stayodiy indurative erythema. Changes of skin as livedo can be at angiites. Vozyomozhna cases of development of an inborn livedo, koyotory are considered as a kind of angiomas.

Reasons of the Livedo:

It is more often observed at the women suffering from a system lupus erythematosus, a dermatomyositis, a nodular periarteritis, tuberculosis, tretichyony and inborn syphilis, chronic inyotoksikation (alcoholism, drug addiction), arteriyoalny hypertensia, heart diseases. Can arise after severe injuries of a skull, at an entseyofalopatiya.

Treatment of the Livedo:

Identification and whenever possible ustyoraneny the factors promoting development ли­ведо. Appoint vitamins C, P, PP, calcium drugs, at a cold mesh livedo – UF-radiation (suberythema doses), heat baths, massage.

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