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The granulocytopenia is the reduced maintenance of granulocytes in peripheral blood. It is known that granulocytes in an organism play a role of the phagocytes providing cellular immunity therefore considerable decrease in their level in blood threatens an organism with development of various bacterial infections.

Строение гранулоцита

Granulocyte structure

Granulocytopenia symptoms:

The clinical picture is caused by symptomatology of a basic disease.

Granulocytopenia reasons:

Decrease in maintenance of leukocytes can promote development of such bacterial diseases as a typhoid and paratyphus, miliary tuberculosis, a tularemia, etc. as a result of toxic influence of bacterial poisons. Many infections oppress development of granulocytes in marrow.

Treatment of the Granulocytopenia:

Treatment of a basic disease against the background of which the granulocytopenia developed is carried out.
For prevention it is necessary to point to those factors which influence should be avoided:
• contact with various sources of an infection;
• contact with various chemical toxic compounds: gasoline, glue, oil, varnishes, paints, solvents, pesticides and insecticides etc.;
• ionizing radiation and radioactive materials;
• products for which receiving pesticides, preservatives fermenting substances, and also the spoiled products were used;
• antibiotics, streptocides, anesthetics and antiinflammatory drugs, etc. without appointment of the doctor;
It is important to treat timely under control of the doctor various diseases. It is necessary to pay especially attention that reaction of each organism at a meeting from an ukazannykma factors is strictly individual. Happens that the same factor can cause in one person an insignificant indisposition or weak reaction, and in another — very rough, up to an acute granulocytopenia, and even death.

Drugs, drugs, tablets for treatment of the Granulocytopenia:

  • Препарат ПРЕДНИЗОЛОН.


    Corticosteroids for system use. Glucocorticoids.

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