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Loss of eyelashes


Loss of eyelashes quite often causes panic as eyelashes are considered as one of important elements of beauty, and any person, especially the woman, would not like them to lose. In most cases eyelashes change imperceptibly – one drop out, but others therefore the overall picture remains former grow up. But if loss of eyelashes happens intensively – not to do without consultation of the specialist.

Выпадение ресниц

Loss of eyelashes

Reasons of loss of eyelashes:

This problem can arise because of the wrong care of skin around eyes when the woman uses cheap and low-quality cosmetics, forgets to remove a make-up before going to bed or does it carelessly, washes away cosmetics from eyes water and soap. The reasons of loss of eyelashes can become: hyponutrient, shortage of vitamins, hobby for diets, acute and chronic stress, various diseases century: blepharites (including demodekozny, caused by the parasitizing tick), blefarokonjyunktivita and the general diseases.

Therefore, first of all, at loss of eyelashes it is necessary to address the eye specialist – the ophthalmologist.

When loss of eyelashes is followed by deterioration in overall health and an exacerbation of chronic diseases, it is necessary to consult with the profile specialist to treat a basic disease. If the woman is healthy, high-quality and regular leaving will help to stop loss of eyelashes.

Treatment of loss of eyelashes:

The elementary, but an effective way of treatment of loss of eyelashes – rubbing in of vegetable oil. Castor or linseed oil which it is necessary to rub delicately by means of a cotton plug in skin of a century and area of growth of eyelashes will approach. Camomile grass broths are useful, to an eyebright, a centaurea, with them do compresses on area a century, wash out eyes the filtered broth. Also reception of vitamins will help – the vitamin A and all group of vitamins B, specialized vitamins for eyes containing Luteinum are especially useful ("Luteinum the Complex", "Luteinum Forte", etc.).

The physical therapy gives good effect: vacuum massage, ozonotherapy, electrophoresis. It is independently possible to carry out light massage of skin around eyes. All these measures in a complex improve microcirculation and exchange processes, strengthen structure of eyelashes. The most effective physiotherapeutic device for eyes which can be used in house conditions and which combines 4 methods of influence at once are "Sidorenko's Points". When the course of treatment is complete, continue to rub oil in skin through growth of eyelashes, this procedure will help eyelashes grow strong and will accelerate their growth.

As daily care of eyelashes it is possible to use hypoallergenic means for removal of a make-up – the milk or lotion intended for sensitive skin. Cosmetic has to contain vitamins and is careful clear skin, without irritating an eye. It is the best of all to use the means of pharmaceutical cosmetics which passed professional test (for example, Blefarogel).

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