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Red granularity of a nose


Red granularity of a nose (granulosis rubra nasi) — the rare chronic disease which is shown a rash of red small knots on nose skin. It is for the first time described in 1901 by Y. Yadasson.

Reasons of red granularity of a nose:

Frequent family cases demonstrate genetic determination of this dermatosis. It is supposed autosomal and dominant, the autosomal and recessive mode of inheritance with reduced penetrance (Witkowski and Prokop, 1974) is more rare. In development of a disease significance of vegetative dysfunction of vessels is attached.

Красная зернистость носа

Red granularity of a nose

Symptoms of red granularity of a nose:

In the field of a nose tip a large number of dewdrops of sweat is allocated for the surface of skin. Further in this place there is a set of the small small knots having reddish coloring. They have the sizes of poppy grain, skin in the field of them is condensed and has lilac coloring. Very seldom similar educations can appear in a chin and lips. At palpation of skin in the field of the pathological centers it is cold. At the same time the patient does not feel absolutely any subjective feelings.


In typical cases Red granularity of a nose easily an otlichima from red eels at young men, a hydrocystoma (watch the full set of knowledge) and a tubercular lupus (watch the full set of knowledge the Tuberculosis cutis).

Treatment of red granularity of a nose:

As system general therapy vitamin drugs, most often And, E and groups B are appointed. From physiotherapeutic procedures Bukki's beams are generally applied. Hygiene of the center of defeat consists in its wiping by solution of alcohol and powdering by talc.

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