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Pepper balm

Препарат Перцовый бальзам. ОАО "Фармацевтическая фабрика Санкт-Петербурга" Россия

Producer: JSC Pharmaceutical Factory of St. Petersburg Russia

Code of automatic telephone exchange: M02AX10

Release form: Soft dosage forms. Balm.

Indications to use:

General characteristics. Structure:

Structure: the water purified propylene glycol, cetyl alcohol, oil mineral, oil fir, A6 cremophore, A25 cremophore, tsetilstearit 2-etilgeksanoat, polyethyleneglycol 100 stearate, диметикон, extract of siliculose pepper, methylparahydroxybenzoate, пропилпарагидроксибензоат, бензилникотинат.

Pharmacological properties:

Extract of siliculose pepper has the warming effect and is applied at stretchings and bruises.

Indications to use:

Balm pepper is applied outwardly as the massage and warming means at massage, stretchings, bruises.

Route of administration and doses:

Balm is evenly distributed and slightly rubbed the massing movements before total disappearance of a greasy luster.


Individual intolerance, erubescence, strong burning.

Storage conditions:

To store in the dry, protected from light place.
Is issued according to TU 9158-023-01899557-2006.

Period of validity 3 years.
Date of production is specified on balm packaging.

Issue conditions:

Without recipe


On 25 g in the aluminum tubas enclosed in a pack cardboard together with a leaf insert.
Advantages of an aluminum tuba:
Aluminum tubas have the highest barrier properties providing tightness of packaging and protection of contents of a tuba against oxygen of air, moisture and ultraviolet radiation. At operation of an aluminum tuba there is no effect of "suction" of air which oxygen destroys a product. The sheeting preventing contact of contents of a tuba with metal is applied on an internal surface of an aluminum tuba.

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