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Aingum (ainhum) - a spontaneous dactylolysis, described Da Silva Lima (1852,1867). The disease which is shown spontaneous amputation of fingers.

Aingum's symptoms:

The disease begins with emergence on skin in the basis of the fifth fingers of feet, and sometimes and brushes of gradually developing banner in the form of a sclerous ring why the finger gains spherical shape. As a result of a degeneration of fibrous and fatty fabrics, the rassasyvaniya of bones occurs amputation of a finger without the expressed subjective feelings. The diagnosis is based on a clinical picture. The clinic of an aingum is shown in the form of a ring-shaped banner of various width with the sclerosis phenomena preferential in the fifth fingers of feet, sometimes brushes. As a result of a degeneration of fatty and fibrous fabrics, a gradual rassasyvaniye of a bone in 3-5 years there is a spontaneous painless amputation of a finger

Aingum's reasons:

Is considered as a kind of sklerodermichesky process or as defeat of trophoneurotic character; can be a symptom at a leprosy. Family cases with an autosomal and dominant mode of inheritance are described.

Aingum's treatment:

Treatment, as at a scleroderma; when progressing process amputation of a finger is shown.

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