DE   EN   ES   FR   IT   PT Medicines Hemostatic for topical administration. ABSORBABLE GELATIN SPONGE ® (HAEMOSTATIC SPONGE ®)



Producer: CIAO Biofarm Ukraine

Code of automatic telephone exchange: B02B C50

Pharm group: Haemo static drugs

Release form: Solid medicines. Absorbable gelatin sponge.

Indications to use:

General characteristics. Structure:

Deystvuyushche substance: 1 bottle contains native plasma from donor blood of the person or dry plasma – 10 ml, 4 (aminomethyl) of the benzoic acid (Ambenum) – 0,05 g, Calcii chloridum of hexahydrate of-0,05 g.

Main physical and chemical properties: The lyophilized hydroscopic porous weight white with yellowish or color, yellow with a brown shade, with a light specific smell;

Pharmacological properties:

The sponge гемостатическая® belongs to means which influence system of a blood coagulation. At topical administration the drug containing fibrin and thrombin activates blood coagulation processes, stops capillary and parenchymatous bleedings. Ambenum has anti-fibrinolitic effect, the fibrinolysis by competitive inhibition of plazminogenaktiviruyushchy enzyme and oppression of formation of plasmin oppresses.

Pharmacokinetics. It was not studied.

Indications to use:

Local capillary and parenchymatous bleedings, bleedings from bones, muscles and fabrics, the bleedings localized on a body surface or in his cavities. Nasal, gingival bleedings and bleedings at patients with a Werlhof's disease, leukoses, hemorrhagic trombotsitopatiya, Osler's syndrome - Randyu, cirrhosis, chronic nephrite.

Route of administration and doses:

The sponge гемостатическую® is applied locally. Before use drug is got from a bottle the sterile tool. The single dose depends on character and expressiveness of bleeding: apply from 1/4 parts of the Sponge to 3–4 Sponges. After drainage the bleeding area is tamponed Sponge pieces гемостатической®, pressing down them for 3–5 minutes a sterile gauze ball. At the expressed bleedings the Sponge гемостатическую® is pressed to the bleeding surface a surgical instrument with the flat polished surface in order to avoid loss of a part of the Sponge гемостатической® as it happens in case of use of a gauze ball. For soft, longer tamponade the Sponge гемостатическая® can be placed in a gauze tampon. Tampons are taken in a day.

Features of use:

Apply locally. Drug is also used at increase in fibrinolitic activity.

Side effects:

It is not revealed.

Interaction with other medicines:

It is not established.


 Are not established.


It is not established.

Storage conditions:

Store in dry, protected from light and the place, unavailable to children, at a temperature not above 25 °C. A period of validity – 2 years.

Issue conditions:

According to the recipe


On 0,8 g of drug in the bottle packed into a pack.

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