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Polythelia (other - Greek πολυ-— there is "a lot of" + θηλή — "a chest nipple"; synonyms: additional nipples, additional nipples) — anomaly of development in the form of increase in number of nipples of mammary glands in the mamillar line of a trunk.

Polythelia symptoms:

The polythelia is an inborn genetic defect which is shown in the form of existence multiple сосково – the areolar complexes without ferruterous fabric located in a projection of lacteal lines. Speaking more simply, are additional nipples which are stuffed up in a certain period of pre-natal development and have to disappear long before the child's birth. The polythelia meets rather often, at the same time is observed not only at women.

Diagnosis of this anomaly does not represent big complexity in view of noticeable a naked eye of an additional nipple in a breast, a stomach or a groin. Though, in view of big variability of the sizes of these rudiments, difficulties nevertheless arise from time to time.

Полителия - образование дополнительного соска

Polythelia - formation of an additional nipple

Treatment of a polythelia:

The polythelia exclusively surgically, however, is treated if the additional nipple is located on the most mammary gland, then operational correction is recommended to make only at adult age. It is connected with the fact that prior to puberty is not clear on what of nipples lacteal channels will open, and it is possible to remove mistakenly functioning nipple.

The surgical plastics is carried out like as at operation on formation of a nipple. In case of a rudiment arrangement on the most mammary gland, the main complexity consists in exact determination of height of an arrangement of a nipple. And despite the seeming simplicity of operation, it should be planned carefully and for its carrying out to address only highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeons.

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