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Akariaz (acariasis; Greek akari, armor. acarus – a tick + - az Greek - Usis (словообраз. a suffix) – a disease; synonym: an acariasis) – the general name of dermatozoonoses which are caused by mites. Carry a demodicosis, a grain mange, a mange, and also the chronic migrating erythema and other dermatosis arising because of stings of mites to an akariaz.

Akariaz pulmonary (acariasis pulmonalis) – the invasive tropical disease caused by implementation in small bronchial tubes of the ticks living in foodstuff from the sorts Sarcoglyphus, Cheiletus and Glicoglyphus. Akariaz pulmonary proceeds in the form of bronchial pneumonia, bronchitis or a bronchiolitis with a recurrence and attacks of asthma.

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